Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Livin' the Dream! June 26, 2013

Konban Wa!!
This week I had a really neat experience with a scripture passage that I wanted to share. Read Moses 7: 23-37. It talks about a vision in which Satan was seen with chains in his hands. The chains were wrapped around the Earth and Satan was laughing along with his followers. Then, the Spirit was brought to many to be lifted up in remembrance of their Lord and Master. However, after the Spirit took people up, a residue of people were left in the chains. When our Master looked upon them, He wept. I know he wants all to live with Him someday. He paid the price of sin for everyone, not just the saints and not just the sinners. Every day, I try to live in such a way so as to strengthen others relationship with God and maybe, just maybe, take a few drops of sweat, blood, and pain away from our Savior's suffering.

My Japanese teachers are incredible.

Brother Brinley was my first MTC teacher. He went to Japan on his mission and is married with a little baby boy coming in another month. He just left us last Saturday for a new job to support his family. He is so wonderful. I'm awful sad to see him go. Saying goodbye was hard, but how grateful I am for the hello's that make the goodbye's possible.

Brother Willard is our other teacher. He is so sooo fantastic. Remember how I told you our first investigators name was Shuma-san? Well, Brother Willard was Shuma-san (he played the part really well). He is funny, spiritual, and understanding. His hard is made of solid gold. He got married last month. His parents (they are leaving on Thursday to preside over one of the Brazil missions) came to our classroom last night to share their testimony with us. The Spirit was literally dumped into that room. I have grown so close to my district and my teachers. Yes, I left my family, but at the same time, I found a family. 

We just got our new teacher to replace Brother Brinley on Monday. His name is Brother Hugo. I don't have a picture of him yet, but he kind of looks like Super Man if that gives you any sort of a picture.
DSCN0037: My companion's name is Sister Smith. She is from American Fork and attended BYU before hand. She is going to school to become a sewing teacher.

DSCN0076: Happy Birthday to you, Daddy!! I love you so much and think of you often. This is Sister Willden and I. She is one of the girls in our district. Her birthday is on the 28th as well, so we will have a little celebration here too!! She is half Japanese as well. :)
Guess who I saw today?! Neil L. Anderson!! He was walking out of the building that has been locked down due to the mission president training that ends today. What an incredible experience it was to be face to face with an apostle of the Lord!!
Today was our last P-Day to go to the Provo temple before it closes for cleaning. As a district, we decided to eat lunch in the temple cafeteria. They have some seriously heaven-sent food. :)

The food here is great. The salads are my favorite. Everyone says not to drink the orange juice. I really think it's a great big rumor that has been going on forever. Taylor Bybee even wrote and told me not to drink it. BUT...I won't take my chances just in case.

My district is really great. We all have completely different personalities, but I know the Lord knows where to put us and when. His plan for us is perfect, which is why we have the best of everything when we follow Him.
To my beautiful family, I love you so much!! Thank you for all the updates, love, and support. I could not ask for better. Kelsey, thanks a million for your letter!!! It was so great to hear from you. So, since you wrote on one of the back of your practice ACT's, I'm VERY curious to know how you did?!?!?! I hope you rocked it!! Let me know, okay. :) How was the Ragner? You asked me what I thought about a woman's role was in the Priesthood. Although the men might hold the priesthood, they themselves are not the priesthood. I love the scripture that says the woman is not without the man, neither is the man without the woman. Everything in our church revolves around priesthood ordinances. It is our great privilege to lift up and support the hands of the priesthood. The men carry a huge burden and responsibility and cannot do it without our love and support. Women ought to express their thanks to the men more often for exercising the priesthood keys righteously. As we do so, I know we will notice a change in the way men honor this power. Reagan, congrats on the Rodeo Queen business. I knew you could do it!! Riley, I hear you are doing superb in rodeo and basketball. Keep it up...I'm rooting you on!! Thank you so much Dad, for sending me an email in Japanese. I know most of the words, but am still trying to decipher a few. :) To my siblings, I loved your cute letter with a note from each of you. Talk about make my day!! I want each of you to know that I could not be more happy to call you my closest friends. You each have a significant role to play in our Heavenly Father's work. Continue to trust Him and He will perform miracles in your lives and the lives of those you come in contact with.

Thank you so much to all who have taken precious time out of your day to write me. It never fails that you write exactly what I need to hear. I love you all so very much. I pray you will be watched over and protected as you continue to do the Lord's will.
Yamauchi Shimai

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