Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Freedom of Choice - July 23, 2013

Happy Tuesday Everybody!!
I wanted to share with you some of my most prized memories/moments of the week. I hope that what I have to say with help those who read. 
  1. I feel like the following is a universal question: Is it me speaking or the Holy Ghost? Here's the answer: Quit worrying about it!! If you are a good boy or girl, keep the commandments, and honor/keep your commitments/covenants, get moving and you cannot go amiss.  Too many members hope to know it's a spiritual prompting right when a prompting comes. If you do that, it will paralize your progressions. Don't just sit and wait for some huge spiritual impression. We all make gradual progress in thinking what Christ would think and doing what He would do. Believe that the Lord increasingly trusts us. Spiritual promptings come when we are moving and doing, not sitting and stewing. Read the story of Nephi going back to Jerusalam-it's the perfect example of this very concept.
  2. Life is like surfing. Lots of people tend to look at their feet because they are unsure about their ability/skills. However, when they look at their feet, thy fall. It is the same with life. If we look at were we currently are all the time, we fall. Lookforward, lookonward, look upward. See your potential like Christ sees you!!
  3. As I read the Book of Mormon every single day, my love for it grows. Do you think Joseph Smith would suffer his people, his family, his wife, and his life, for a book?! No way!! The Book of Mormon is true. I know it! I have been trying to read it throught the lens of an investigator. The other day, I read 3 Nephi 11. I find it very interesting that it takes the people three times to recognize the voice from heaven. Just like this story teaches, we may ghave to teach the same lesson to an investigator multiple times in order for them to understand it.
  4. I love teaching investigators every day!! Now that I have more Nihongo under my belt, I feel like I am able to tailor the lesson to their needs more. For one of our investigators (Sato-san), I brought him some licorice. He didn't know what it was, so he starting playing with it. At one point, he said, "Wingardian Liviosa." So, for a few minutes, I talked with him about how the Harry Potter stories can be related to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We teach people, not lessons!
  5. Not to long ago, I remember Jeffery R. Holland saying that in order for the Atonement to be completed, the Savior had to walk that part of his journey alone. I cannot help but wonder what we did as Spirit children with our Heavenly Father. I would imagine that we all wanted to help Him so bad. I can almost visualize our Heavenly Father saying, please don't look. He's got to do this alone. The Atonement. Let it be something that we study every day. The more we study the Atonement, the more we desire to share the gospel with others.
Mom and Dad, you sound like you are going a hundred miles an hour. Keep up the great work, and thank you from all of us kids to you for being so wonderful!! Kelsey, it sounds like you are super busy with DYW. I'm cheering you on girly! Riley, how's the basketball and rodeo routine this summer. Sounds to me like you're a pro! Keep it up, bud. Reagan, thank you a billion for the letters. I love them sooo much, sweet girl. Rhetter, I hope you had a fun time on the water weenie. Did Grandpa take you for a rough ride? I hope everyone has a wonderful Pioneer holiday. What a wonderful time of year to celebrate our ancestors.
My motto for this week is: "You get to choose." Every moment of your life, you are choosing one thing over another. You get to choose how you feel, how you act, how you converse with others. You get to choose. No one can choose for you. Choose wisely, choose well.
Lots of love all!!
Yamauchi Shimai
DSCN0210: Picture of our Residence Hall door

 Today I got a haircut!! Haircuts at the MTC are free. Cut off about 3 inches.

This is a picture before my haircut modeling my new coat.

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