Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Spirit of Missionary Work - July 2, 2013

I can hardly believe another week has gone!! All missionaries say that the days seem like weeks and the weeks seem like days. That's a pretty valid statement. Thank heaven for a journal entry every night or I wouldn't be able to keep one day separated from the next.
Yesterday, I had one of the coolest experiences. I love the scripture in D&C 19:9. The Lord has told us that if we have even the smallest desire in our hearts, let that desire work within you. We had the opportunity to role play asking someone to be baptized. The investigator was asked to say that they didn't want to at first and then we had to let the Spirit work from there to tell us what to say so they would want to accept the invitation to be baptized. I role played with Ipson Shimai. I started out as the investigator. When Ipson Shimai asked me if I would be baptized, I said, "I don't want to." I was immediately caught up in the Spirit feeling exactly like an investigator and really recognized how truly hard this news may be for someone. However, our only purpose as missionaries is to make others happy and help them get closer to Christ. We would never ask them to do something that wouldn't benefit them because we love them. I then had the opportunity to be the missionary. I really focused on what Christ would say if He was me. I asked her how she was feeling right now-she ended up saying that her family was very important to her. I asked her why and she said, "I don't know what I'd do without them." What the Spirit then prompted me to do was a miracle. I said, "Your Heavenly Father doesn't know what to do without you either. He needs you." Wow! We both started crying and she said, "Oh my gosh, that was for me." Let me tell you, I have no idea what's going on in anyone's life but my own. We cannot read into anyone's feelings or know what they need and when they need it, but the Spirit knows. Often times, we think we know what we are doing and try to understand our investigators by ourselves. Missionaries must learn their role in this work!! The Spirit has an intricate way of working with people. Everything has to be just right and fit just perfectly for things to work. The Spirit is quite literally like a surgeon. The missionary's job is to hand the Spirit the tools it needs to work on a certain individual. If we try to play the role of the surgeon, we can really mess things up. The Spirit is what converts!!

This week I decided to get a brand new Book of Mormon and write one question inside the front cover. Every day, during personal study, I read it in hopes of finding answers to my question. I'm four days into this process and it has been a HUGE blessing in my life. I would highly recommend doing this if you're looking for a new way to study the Book of Mormon.
This past week, I have started reading the Book of Mormon in Japanese. I'm sooo slow, but I know that I will be able to read faster as I practice and rely on the Lord.
The speakers at the MTC have been incredible. This past week, we heard from Sheri Dew and Janice Kapp Perry (the lady who wrote many famous hymns and children's songs like "As Sisters in Zion," "I love to see the Temple," "The Army of Helman," and "A Child's Prayer").
DSCN00087.JPG: Yesterday was Canada Day. Keith Choro is from Canada, so he had his parents send him lots of Canadian food and we had a little celebration together.

DSCN0081.JPG: Elders of the District (from left to right: Buhler Choro, Wheatly Choro, Keith Choro, Shumway Choro)

DSCN0083.JPG: Sisters of the District (from left to right: Ipson Shimai, Smith Shimai, Dunn Shimai, MacArthur Shimai, Yamauchi Shimai, Tenorio Shimai, Willden Shimai, Cheney Shimai)
I am so grateful for this time of year to celebrate the faith of our fathers. I am so thankful for the many difficulties and triumphs of those who brought America to be. Because of the many events that transpired, our Heavenly Father and Savior of the world appeared to Joseph Smith to restore the truth of His gosepl. The Lord has His hand in this work. He knows what He is doing. May we forever trust Him. Trust in His timing, trust in His grace, trust in his mercy, turst with our faith. There are no accidents.
I love you all so much!! Mom, Dad, Kelsey, Riley, Reagan, and Rhett, you are my everything!! I have THEE greatest support system on planet earth! I know that Families can be Forever. How thankful I am for each and every one of you!
Enjoy the holiday and remember that in the strength of the Lord, we can do ALL things!
Yamauchi Shimai

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