Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pictures of first week in Japan - August 12,2013

Me with President and Sister Budge
Sister Lowry, my trainer.

The View from my Apartment in Kasukabe
My names finally on the Tokyo quilt, knit together in unity
for this great cause!!

Bring on the bike!

12 Apostles with a BIG “A.” And me with a little “a.”

Here's a few interesting things I've learned about Japan and their
incredible culture.
 1.Americans are pretty lazy. Everyone rides a bike here. Little ones
that look like they are about 5 years old to those who look like
they're 80. I love it!!!
2.Remember how the missionary rules say that you can't go swimming.
Well, I go swimming every day, but in a very different way. I call it
humidity. The humidity is absolutely crazy, but I love it. There's not
such thing as a bad weather, especially when your a missionary!
3.I wish I could record a Japanese phone conversation for you. You
never just say goodbye and hang up. You slowly hang up saying, "Hai,
hai, sumi masen, shitsura shi masu, hai, bye bye."

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