Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pictures from 9-2-13

  Ogaki-san's baptism
 The Yamauchi name is everywhere here. No one has trouble pronouncing it or spelling it. It's so weird (in comparison with my previous American life). :)

 For P-Day, we got together with a few of the other area sisters and an investigator to visit "Sweets Paradise." It was a buffet and oh, soooo yummy. They actually have a rule in Japanese resturants that whatever you put on your plate, you have to eat it. I think they ought to make that a rule in America too.

This is at the Naka-Urawa church Matsuri we had last Saturday. There was lots of free food, music, and games.
 Missionaries and some of the Eikaiwa students
Me and Miki. We became best of friends, even though I only got to talk with her for about 10 minutes. I love her soooo much!!

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