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Urrichkie Muranaka Alvaran‏ - January 20, 2013

  Kitahara Yuki, Urrichkie Muranaka Alvaran, Sister Yamauchi, Sister Miyaki

I wish I could put it into words...but that's the point of pictures, right? One picture is worth 1,000 words. But then even 1,000 words couldn't describe this. Urrichkie's baptism was absolutely incredible! What a blessing for her! She is on the road to her own salvation. After she was baptized, she shared her testimony with the ward. In her testimony, she said that she knew that it was important that she keeps her promise that she made with God at baptism.That made my day-that is such an incredibly important concept for our investigators to understand. We will continue to strengthen her. I love the quote in PMG by President Hinckley. There is no point in doing missionary work if we don't hold on to the fruits of our efforts.

We asked William (her son) if he would say the closing prayer for his Mom and he said yes. The ward members were astonished! He offered such a sincere, heart-felt prayer. We set a baptismal date with him today-Feburary 2! I love him so much. He is progressing at a very rapid rate. Please pray for William's safety and to be baptized on Febrary 2. P.S. He loves soccer! Maybe we will play with him sometime soon.

There are no coincidences in the Lord's work. This is His work and we are just lucky enough to get to participate in it!

 Kitahara Yuki, Urrichkie Muranaka Alvaran, William Muranaka, Sister Yamauchi

Happy Monday afternoon from here in Kasukabe, Japan. This morning we got transfer calls!! Guess what? I'm staying in Kasukabe! I think I've officially decided that I'm going to be Kasukabe's missionary forever. :) I have also been called as Sister Training Leader. I feel very blessed for the opportunities the Lord is constantly offering me to give my life to the service of others.
Today I studied about courage.I love to focus on the Christ-like attributes found in PMG. Our mission actually added one attribute. That attribute is courage. The world's definition of courage is "the ability to do something dangerous, or to face pain or opposition, without showing fear." As I have studied the scriptures to learn more about courage, I think God has a little different definition. Here's what I came up with: Courage is knowing that you can do anything if you have God's help. I know that is true. So, with that in mind, it's time for the coolest part of this email...keep reading.
If you haven't seen it yet, go watch the video the church has put out for the 2014 youth theme-it is so incredible. This week I have thought a lot about what it means to come unto Christ. Have you read Lehi's vision lately? You have to go read it again. I now look at that chapter completely different than I used to. I want you to think about all the different things that consisted of Lehi's vision and what they stand for. Now think about just a few things, namely, the tree of life (and fruits), the iron rod, and the mist of darkness. When we think of the Iron Rod, we tend to think the Word of God, or the scriptures. Now go to St. John 1 (chapter heading). It tells us in the very first line that "Christ is the Word of God." Wow, way cool. So the people

in Lehi's vision were clinging to the iron rod...or in other words, clinging to Christ. Christ isn't the light at the end of the tunnel (waiting for us at His tree of love), He's with us every step of the way through the tunnel! His path is so simple...just follow Christ's example. It's that simple!
I know that as we decide to come unto Christ (not just walk along the side of him, or kind of hold on to him with one hand), but truly cling to Him with all our might, we will go together to partake of that fruit, which is most precious above all else. He's calling your name. He's waiting for you. With arms open wide. Come unto Christ and you will find eternal life.
Here's to another week full of miracles! I'm Ready! Are you?


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