Monday, February 3, 2014

Revelation is Real - February 2, 2014

   Brother Kitahara, William, Sister Urrichkie, Sister Miyaki, Sister Yamauchi
 Elder Healy, Elder Rassmussen (I have now idea how to spell anymore), Keita-kun (Iwakiri Shimai's son), Elder Mickelsen, Iwakiri Shimai
It's February...time to work on everyone's charity right?! :)
This week I went on splits with Sister Carlile in Urawa. We shared many spiritual experiences together and our faith grew so much. I prayed so, so incredibly hard that we would be able to see a huge miracle. On the train, we talked with Yamaguchi-san who has interest in learning about our church and invited the missionaries to come to her house to talk with her about it. She lives in the Urawa area and I am confident that with the Lord's help, Sister Carlile and Sister Dopp can help Yamaguchi-san progress towards baptism.The Lord answered our prayers, just like He always does.

William was baptized on February 2. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers-you are making a difference here in Japan! Seeing William in white was the best  feeling ever. What an incredible experience it was for all who attended. In his testimony afterwards, he said that he will work hard and continue to endure to the end, just like his Mom. It was a very short and powerful. Afterwards, all 7 missionaries and some members of the Stake Presidency sang I am a Child of God in Japanese and English. Like I've said before, these feelings just can't be described. I know that charity is one of the best gifts we can ever obtain. It fills our soul with every good thing possible. Every time I feel it, it just makes me want to share it with everyone else even more (that sentence sounds like the tree of life dream).
After months of working with Iwakiri Shimai, she finally came to church today. It just reminds me of the Lord's mercy. This past week we had Elder Whiting tour our mission (he is a member of the 70). He is a very wise man and it was such an incredible experience for me. At one point, he asked President Budge how he would feel if half of his children made it back to Heavenly Father. President Budge's response was that he would feel terrible. It is the same with our Heavenly Father. He doesn't just want some of His children back with Him, He wants everyone back with Him. No matter where we've gone or what we do, the Lord loves us and wants us to come back (with arms open wide, come unto Christ. You will find eternal life.)
So, the title of this email is "Revelation is Real." I wish I could explain the experiences I have had over the past week or some sort of spiritual paragraph I could write on it, but words just won't come to me and if they were coming to me, I don't think I could explain it. However, I bear my testimony that I know that revelation is real and comes as we live worthy of the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is POWER-a power unlike any other. I know that the revelation given through Joseph Smith in Doctrine and Covenants 9 is 100% true. I love this section and can never read it too many times. I know that revelation is what keeps this church going-because we receive revelation daily from God. He speaks! I know it!!

I love this work! I know that God is at the head of it. I love Him so much.

P.S. After Elder Whiting was done with his tour, he told President Budge that he has been on lots of different mission tours throughout the world, but our mission and our missionaries were the's true. I love the Japan Tokyo Mission!


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  2. Hi ohayo sister yamauchi this is urrichkie shimai, how are you these days? I know you are doing great because you have a good heart to serve the Lord God by helping people , I know he will bless you , and also i love your blogger post and i love our pic with william's baptism day .. anyway have a great day ,takecare and i love you , :)