Friday, February 14, 2014

The Book of Mormon - February 10, 2014

Happy Valentine's everyone. I love each one of you so much. Above all,
I love my Savior who allowed me to see so many miracles this week.
We visited Sister Etou (Sayaka-chan's mom) last Sunday night and
shared a scripture about the importance of not waiting. Sayaka-chan
really wants to be baptized, but her mother has been trying to delay
that date for about seven months now. A few days later, her mom was
was reading the scriptures and really felt that what we had said was
true. Sayaka-chan now has a baptismal date for March 30!
Sister Miyaki and I set a goal with Urrichkie Shimai to go together to
the temple with her on March 1 (this transfer). She is so excited. I
think a huge part of convert retention is always giving them something
to look forward to.
So, today my topic is the Book of Mormon. I have had many experience
with the Book of Mormon over the past couple of weeks that have led me
to ponder a lot about what a precious treasure it is, but for time
sake, I will just mention one. We have been working with a less active
member for quite some time. Her name is Anzai Shimai. She is simply
adorable. From the beginning, we have made the goal to get her to the
temple. This past week when we met with her, I felt like I ought to
ask why she went less active. Her answer was simple and so profound.
She said that she loves the word of God, mainly the Book of Mormon.
From the scriptures, we know we have the perfect truth. However, in
church, they did not really study from the Book of Mormon. Every
lesson we have with her, she desires for us to teach her from the Book
of Mormon. It's not the typical missionary lesson nor is it the
typical church meeting to focus solely on the Book of Mormon. However,
there is so much power that comes when we meet together and study from
the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is power. We all
ought to evaluate just how well we know this sacred book. I think we
can all do a lot better.
Let me just close this email with one last thought from my personal
study: He paid the price...what price will you pay?
Each of you can answer that question for yourself, but I'm here to say
that I will give it all I've got. I love Japan. I love this work. I
love my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ. He is all-mighty
and has devised means to save each and every one of His children.
This, I know.
Sent from Paradise

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