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Are You Having Fun?‏ -March 10, 2014

  Hugs are the best. Here's saying goodbye to two super cute girls I love so much.

Way funny story behind this picture. This was my last night in the Kasukabe church...english class and the day before transfers. Lucy/Yumi/has a million different nicknames is the one wearing the big glasses in this picture. She comes to sacrament meeting nearly every Sunday, but for certain reasons doesn't want to be baptized. I can't even describe her. You have to meet her to know her. Anyway, she loves dancing. I told her she better do something special for me on my last day. She started dancing with Sister Miyaki and then she got other people involved in the dance. I was laughing so hard it hurt. You can tell by Sister Miyaki's face that she knows I told her to do something special. Winking face
The pictures below are pictures of my new area, Senzokuike.
The kanji is very interesting for Senzokuike. Sen means wash. Zoku
means foot. And Ike means pond. So I guess it means washing your foot
in a pond. Anyway, it is a really beautiful place. This is the pond
right by the Senzokuike train station that I would guess it got its
name from. This is also way close to our church, which makes for
convenient finding. Yahoooo!
We went out to eat lunch and have a lesson with one of our investigators...Chiharu san. She is simply adorable. She met the missionaries when her sister had just died and she found a lot of comfort in knowing that her sisters spirit is still alive. Someday she'll get baptized...I know it! Oh, the child is Kiyora chan. She is the words spunkiest girl you will every meet.
  This is a picture after Eikaiwa (about half of the students didn't get in the picture). Oh, ps, Elder Healy got transferred as well. We came into Kasukabe at the same time, stayed for 7 months, and left at the same time. What a coincidence.  
Welcome to my weekly letter everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful
week and can sit back, relax, and enjoying reading how The Lord is
showing His power in His work.
This week has been one to remember. So many miracles happened in
Kasukabe it was amazing. We have a couple listening to our message
now. Their names are Dave and Ai. I am excited to hear what happens
with them. We also had our first lesson with a lady named Tanaka san.
She is so incredibly interested in baptism and is going to go to
church on Sunday. On Tuesday, we met with Maria. We bore down in solid
testimony and she promised she would continue listening to our message
and eventually receive baptism. She wants to become a member of our
church. We visited Sayaka chan on Tuesday. Talked to her mom for a
little bit. She got a yasumi (break) from work this month on the
thirtieth, so she can come to Sayaka chan's baptism on March 30th.
That is a HUGE miracle. We started teaching Sayaka chan a couple of
weeks after we opened up Kasukabe last August. At first, her Mom
wanted her to go at a slow pace and didn't even really want to set a
baptismal date. However, through challenging her and providing her
with opportunities to feel the spirit, she has come to find how
important it is to act now and not procrastinate the day of her
repentance or her daughters!
Senzokuike is such a wonderful area and an incredible ward as well. I
am very excited to work with each and every one of them. Here pretty
soon, Senzokuike is going to EXPLODE in missionary madness....I know
We met with Bishop Hori the first night we were here. He is way
awesome! He has a great vision of where he wants to go. He said
something that really hit me hard. He said that as he has been
interviewing ward members, he has been asking questions like, "are you
praying, are you reading your scriptures, are you holding family home
evening." Most of them, like any good church member would do, say yes.
He then asked, "Is praying fun? Is reading the scriptures fun? Is
family home evening fun?" The response, he said, caught them off
guard. Fun? Well...
So, my question is, are you having fun? The gospel is fun! If it's not
fun for you, you're doing something wrong.
Walking the path of discipleship is a blast. I feel so blessed to be
doing it along with all the saints everywhere throughout the world.
Now go and have the funnest week EVER!!
All my love、

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