Monday, March 17, 2014

Be Bold! - March 17, 2014

These are the Senzokuike missionaries!! From right to left: Elder Day,
Elder Loftgreen, Sister MacArthur, and Sister Yamauchi

Way cool view of Japan from the top of....actually...I don't know...Winking face

 So there are two really scary statues outside of the shrine. I think
they are brothers and have some sort of symbolism, but I have no idea

These buildings are so incredibly elegant!‏

Mushu is in Japan!!‏

Dear People of the United States Regional indicator for USA
We have had a wonderful week here in Senzoku-Ike. We have been working
with one of the ladies in our ward that is a less active. Her name is
Kamino Shimai. We have met with her a few times to tell her how
important it was to share the fruits of the gospel, just like Lehi
wanted to share the fruit with his family. We got to meet with her 13
year old daughter a couple times this week. I cannot believe how much
we have in common. She loves basketball, she loves pancakes, I won't
go on with the list any more, but I am so thankful The Lord allowed me
to meet her! It always strengthens my testimony that there is a reason
they live here and I came here. There just isn't any coincidences in
the Lords work. She accepted the baptismal commitment and we are so
excited to continue to work with her and just love her to pieces.
We have run into so many people this week who know about our church
and several who have been to our church before! I know The Lord has so
many prepared people. We just have to keep praying for the chance to
meet them!
We teach kids eikaiwa (English conversation class) here in Senzokuike
as well. This last Saturday, we invited a boy by the name of Daiki-kun,
who always comes alone to Eikaiwa, to come to church the next day. He
asked if there would be games and things. We told him it is a ton of
fun. He came with his mom about half way though church! We ended up
getting the mothers name and number and she is planning on coming to
church and church activities soon. All it took was us asking if he
would come to church tomorrow and he came. We can't just assume that
our friends aren't interested just because they don't walk up to us
like kinjin (a golden person) and say the want to come to church or
want to be baptized. Yes, those people exist, but The Lord is
hastening his work and if we keep it up at that rate, we won't be
doing what The Lord wants us to do.
I love reading my mission certificate that we carry around with us
everywhere (of course in Japanese). The last part says that I am
authorized to invite all people. Pretty cool right?! I'm inviting
everyone I can here in Japan, but each of you has got to invite
everyone you can in your part of the world. The best way that we can
help people is by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them! Give
everyone you meet what I like to call the testimony punch. No one can
reject your testimony!
Have a wonderful week!
Love a person in JapanRegional indicator for Japan

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