Monday, March 3, 2014

Long Live Kasukabe‏ - March 3, 2014

 "I am so thankful for the goodbyes because it was the hellos that made
them possible."
-Sister Yamauchi 
 Former bishop Abe and his wife. 
Picture 1: this is Kiyora chan (the bishops daughter) helping Kurokawa
san down the stairs after a lesson with melted my heart.
Picture 2: this is Kurokawa san getting ready to leave the church on
her bike. It was raining and she had the cutest rain jacket ever. What
a champion to bike an hour to see us. She told us she wouldn't do it
if she didn't feel such a good feeling every time she met with us. She
says it is well worth her time.
 This is the churchhouse in Kasukabe.
I am really going to miss this place.
 Over the river and through the woods, to find a referral we go. The Lord knows the way, He wants us to g...dondondon....Multiple musical notes So, we have been giving out referrals for other people like crazy is week. Between going to the temple, having President's interviews, Zone Meeting, and a new missionary meeting, I have been running from one place to another. We are always looking for finding opportunities and so we found longs of referrals as a result. The Lord blessed us this last Friday with a referral from the Fukuoka mission that lives in our area. We were given an address and no other information. We went to visit them on Sunday after church with a few members. Turns out, we ended up clear out in the sticks (as my Dad would say). Literally driving through a field the whole time and thinking, this cannot be safe. We didn't end up finding the house. It remains a mystery as to who this person is right now, but we are getting in contact with the Fukuoka mission to see if we can figure that out.
 MARCH 3, 2014 
 After some morning study, transfer calls, tears on my part, and some
biking, we made it to the church so that I can email you right now.
President Budge called us for transfers this morning. Now that I've
been through all the seasons in Kasukabe (7 months...starting with
summer and ending with spring...yes, it's pretty much spring here), I
suppose it's my season to leave it. I love Kasukabe with all of my
heart. I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Charity is
that feeling you can't describe that just fills your whole being with
the best feeling in the world. Kasukabe will always be a huge piece of
my heart and a place I will forever and always call home. The sisters
are powerhouses in this mission. This transfer is the first time that
sister training leaders are doubling up (just like zone leaders have
been doubled up forever). I will be transferring to Senzokuike and am
companions with Sister McArthur, who if you recall was in my same
district at the MTC! She isn't in Senzokuike right now either, so we
will both me starting anew!
Just a very tiny glimpse at a few of the many miracles this week:
Remember how I told you about Johnathan (Urrichkie Shimai William's
friend). Well, we brought him a Book of Mormon in his own language the
other day. He read the first couple of pages and then said, I think
I've read this book before. He apparently met with missionaries
several years ago, but because of work, he lost contact with them
because he moved to a  different work place. Now he can learn here!
Also, in that same apartment, there are a couple other people living
there. Last night, we felt the need to go visit Johnathan. Johnathan
didn't end up being home, but we met a girl who was interested in
hearing more about our message. She is really shy and has always been
in another room when we come. What a blessing!
We had a random man call us today and we talked to him for a little
bit. He asked us what we were doing in Japan and we told him we are
church volunteers. We asked him if he wanted to listen to our message
and he said sure and I hope I'm a good student. I like to learn about
One of our new investigators come to church this week. Her name is
Connie. She is a Filipino and is the cutest ever. I wish you could see
her smile and hear her is to die for. She said that she had
a wonderful experience at church and felt so good. A major theme in
all thee meetings during church yesterday was charity. I know that it
is a real gift. I love The Lord. I love my Savior, I love the people
of Japan, I love each and every
I love you all. Thank you for all you do as a representative of Christ.
Out from Kasukabe. Talk to you all next week in Senzokuike.

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