Monday, March 24, 2014


On the day of our Zone Meeting, it was one of our sisters birthdays,
so we went out to eat. We just happened to go to a place and sit next
to a Chinese lady and man. The lady is coming to church next
week...woot woot!

As we say in Japanese, ぐうぜんではない(not a coincidence)
Fairly close to our church is an incredibly beautiful park. In the
park, there is a bathroom on the left and then just outside of the
park is a library. Obviously this sign says the library is 30M to the
right, but it cracks me up that it's right by a bathroom.

March 24, 2014

Hey all you basketball fans out there, if you want to experience real
March Madness, you better come on a mission. Missionary work takes
March Madness to a whole other level! The Lord's March Madness is the
best of all.

It all started with a tip...don't ask me what the tip was...I don't
know everything, but I do know that he loveth his children. (1 Nephi

On Monday, we had our big game prep.

On Tuesday, we went on exchanges with the Nakano Sisters. I did the
exchange with Sister Skabelund in Nakano. We had a lesson with Sua
san. Sua san is actually one of President Budge's investigators that
they have been working with for quite some time now. She is super cute
and I love her so much. Her lesson reminded me of a quote from last
General Conference, "after you have prepared yourself and your lesson
to the very best of your ability, you must be willing to let go. When
the quiet prompting of the Holy Ghost comes, you must have the
courage to set aside your outlines and your notes and go where those
promptings take you. When you do this, the lesson you deliver is no
longer your lesson, but it becomes the Savior's lesson." We were able
to set a baptismal date with her!! I felt like she left our exchange
empowered and she called the next night to tell me they had set
another baptismal date with Terumi san. What a miracle! We are so
excited for them.

Wednesday we met with a lady from France. She is incredible. She will be
going back to France soon, but we have been able to introduce our
church. She believes that there are so many false church's created by
men and that lots of people interpret the Bible in too many different
ways. It was one of those times when I just wanted to stand up and
say, you get it! She is very prepared and will be a great referral for
the missionaries in France.

Thursday, We had zone meeting. Last transfer there was only one sister
training leader per zone, but this transfer it's two, so we got to
teach together to pump up our Tokyo Team! I love this quote that I
shared in the meeting. It is from Joseph Smoth, "I don't care what a
man's character is; if he's my friend-a true friend, I will be a
friend to him, and preach the Gospel of Salvation to him, and give him
good counsel, helping him out of his difficulties." Also, we met with
Mari chan and two young women for a lesson and then afterwards me and
Sister MacArthur made crepes and pancakes with them. We set a
baptismal date with her for next month! Her Mom has been less active
for a bit, but has been working her way back to reactivity. The Dad is
Buddhist. He isn't hantai, but he doesn't seem to ever want to join
another religion. We had Bishop Hori talk to Kamino Shimai (the mom)
about the importance of getting both parents permission to be
baptized. Our Bishop is the best. We called Kamino Shimai the next
day, having prepared a scripture about the importance of being brave
and asking for permission. As it turned out, Mari chan had already
asked for her Dad's permission!! What an incredible indicator of her
desire to receive baptism. Please pray for her family so that Mari
chan will be able to enter the waters of baptism on April 13.

On Friday, we went on exchanges with the Shibuya Sisters. I was with
Sister Sticht in Senzoku-Ike. She is quite the character. She kept me
laughing for most of the time. We saw so many countless miracles and met
lots of new investigators/friends. I'm so grateful she came on a

On Saturday, this random lady called our phone and said she'd met us
and got our number, though neither Sister MacArthur or I can remember.
She apparently has finished a third of the Book of Mormon. She says
she isn't sure if it is true or not. I told her we would love to meet
with her and tell her more about it. She says for now she would like
to study along, but hopefully sometime soon we will be able to meet
with her.

Sunday's, I love them. Ward members are the best! Also, we had a less
active show up and bring his friend. She is such a sweet heart and
really wants to know truth. She knows that there is only one true and
perfect religion but she's not sure where to find it. How cool is

I love this work. The Lord is over it. There is no doubt in my mind.

It is so incredible to just watch the hand of the Lord perform thee
most incredible miracles (upsets) ever. He can do anything! Also, when
all is said and done, it is inevitable that we are the champions!


P.S. Even if you're not a basketball fan, you still better come on a mission Winking face
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