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Consecrated - April 21, 2014

Well, this is the only picture I've really taken this week, do it will
have to do. It was a picture we used to introduce ourselves at our
zone meeting this last week. The story behind the picture is that I
love the cold and hardly ever wear a cost while Sister MacArthur wears
nothing but coats.
Happy, happy Easter to one and all. I hope you had the most incredible day ever. I hope all of you have seen the video the church put out recently キリストのおかげで (Because of Him). If you haven't, I suggest you go watch it. I am so thankful for the gift of the resurrection...because of Him. I love my Savior so much.  This week was so incredibly busy. It has been incredibly to continue to see this area grow. The Lord is doing some serious work! I've got this thing going on that's called "bring a friend to church!!" Just think if all of us just brought one friend to church every week. It would be incredible, right?! Sacrament Meeting attendance is so crucial. This doesn't relate to just missionaries, but to all members everywhere we should do our best to bring at least one non member friend to church every week. A lot of times church words may be hard to understand for those who are not of our faith. We often worry about that, but then I think of my own experiences. I testify that at church, we can have some of the most incredible experiences. Church has become a revelatory experience for me. Even when I didn't understand everything that was going on at church when I first came, I still felt the Spirit. Everyone can speak the language of the spirit. We invited so many people to church this week-I believe around 25 people!! Invitations are so powerful! I wanted to share something with all of you from preach my gospel. I have come to learn more and more of the power that members have. It is nearly everything.  President Gordon B. Hinckley said: “Every new convert needs three things:  “1. A friend in the Church to whom he can constantly turn, who will walk beside him, who will answer his questions, who will understand his problems.  “2. An assignment. Activity is the genius of this Church. It is the process by which we grow. Faith and love for the Lord are like the muscle of my arm. If I use them, they grow stronger. If I put them in a sling, they become weaker. Every convert deserves a responsibility. …  “3. Every convert must be ‘nourished by the good word of God’ (Moro. 6:4). It is imperative that he or she become affiliated with a priesthood quorum or the Relief Society, the Young Women, the Young Men, the Sunday School, or the Primary. He or she must be encouraged to come to sacrament meeting to partake of the sacrament, to renew the covenants made at the time of baptism.”
Now I want to add some thoughts. 1. A friend. What does that mean? Not just a friend at church to sit by, not just someone who comes by your house to give you a lesson so they can check you off a Relief Society or Priesthood list, not just when you need something. That's not it, and yet too many are doing exactly that. I think you can all think about who your true friend is and why. Friendship is devotion. Complete devotion. Investigators and less actives have to have friends and feel like they are needed. Please reach put to the less actives in your area. They need you.  2. I love President Hinckley. As leaders of the church, are you worried about giving someone a calling because they might not be able to fulfill it? Just think of the risk The Lord took when he called you. 
3. The word of God certainly can heal souls. I have seen it several times in very real ways. I know that as we go forward with courage, The Lord will give us the words that we need to help heal others souls. I wanted to share something that one of the sisters in our ward emailed us. She was a missionary in Hawaii and learned quite a bit of English there, so she wrote it in English. It hit my heart and I share it with you only to bring out one point....love. "Sisters! Thank you so mcuh for everything you have done in our ward! We truly appreciate for our calling to work with you missionaries and feel your special spirit. It was so excited  to see many LA and NM at the church today. Because you two have worked so hard with the spirit and love, LA and NM could accept your invitation to come to church... Love ya!! 和田姉妹"
When it all comes down to the basics, it's just love. Pure and simple love. Love from the members is unlike any other. Please reach out in love as you converse with God's children. It's so important!
Something I have really come to learn. While most may finish nightly planning and then think it's time to rest, that's when I say ITS TIME TO WORK! Some of the best revelation for the Lords children has come to me during this time. When we ask for revelation and long for it more than anything else, The Lord will give it to us.
I have come to learn that another meaning of being one who is consecrated is one who repents with joy. The happiest word in my vocabulary is "repentance." Isn't it great that we can be completely clean. The choice is ours.
I have also been thinking about consecrated oil a lot this week. There is but one purpose to consecrating oil.  That reason is to bless the lives of others. I want to be like consecrated oil. My purpose is to help others, to be there with them, grab on to their hand, and come unto Christ together.
I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful, fresh weather. What a beautiful world Heavenly Father created for us! Much love, 山内姉妹

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