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My Fairy Tale - April 28, 2014

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived two Sisters who
loved each other very much. πŸ‘­

They were born of royal birth and because they knew that, every day
brought purpose. Here are some of the things included in our fairy

Weekly Eikaiwa (english class). This event could probably be related
to a royal ball in the palace. I love Eikaiwa and I love the people
too. We hold one for adults and one for children. I have always made
it a goal to testify and invite AT LEAST one person every single time.
Let me tell you some of those miracles. Recently, I have been working
with Kay. He has been an Eikaiwa student for a long time and his
English is way good. However, no one has really tried to hard to share
the message of the gospel. I have been sharing Moroni's promise with
him. In Japanese and in English. He has been reading before he goes to
bed and he says that it gives him so much peace. He cool is that! We
are now working on praying about the Book of Mormon to receive a
confirmation from God that it is true. He is so incredible and so
needs this gospel. I'll have to keep you updated on him. Also, in our
kids eikaiwa class, I asked them if they want to be a king or a queen.
They all said yes and I couldn't help but think...you can be if you'll
listen to our message.

We had a very powerful experience with one of our members. Our
investigator, whose name is Nakano san, came to Eikaiwa a long time
ago and we found her in an old area book and asked if she could meet.
We had a really good lesson. She has had some wonderful personal
experiences that have helped her come to know that God watches out and
protects her. We invited her to come to church and at first she was a
little hesitant, but then Tanaka Shimai, our member, explained more
about church and the benefits of coming. She said that they could walk
to church together and everything. Nakano san readily accepted the
invitation. Members are so much more powerful than they realize. We
are all so much more powerful than we realize. If every person could
get a glimpse at their divinity, can you imagine?

Prince Riyuya kun is doing well. God has performed so many miracles
this week in regards to his progress towards baptism. In particular,
we wrote finally able to meet his earthly King dad, who is a less
active. He is super nice. Things are going well, but we need everyone
to unite in prayer for him to be able to get baptized on May 18.

We had splits on Saturday with the Nakano Sisters. Sister McAllister
and I worked in Senzokuike. She is a wonderful sister. She is very
humble and always wanting to learn. I really love that about her. It's
kind of funny the way things worked out, but we ended up talking
a lot about princesses and how we could relate that to our
investigator to teach them about their happily ever after that is
waiting for them. What hit me most of all when we were biking and she
lost her shoe and the boy behind her walking picked it up and then
gave it to her. It was kind of a funny incident, but I don't think it
happened by accident. As we rode our bikes together, I couldn't help
think that it was a sign from God to show me how lucky I am to be able
to learn from the sweet sisters in our zone. They are all so beautiful
and I love them all so much.

Obviously there's a whole lot more to the story than this, but for the
sake of time, I'm going to wrap up with this thought.

I've been thinking a lot about heroes lately. That us led me to think
about this: I have been exposed to many beautiful languages--each of
them is fascinating and remarkable; each has its particular charm. As
different as these languages can be, they often have things in common.
For example, in most languages there exists a phrase as magical and
full of promise as perhaps any in the world. That phrase is Cherry blossom“Once
upon a time.”Cherry blossom ζ—₯本θͺžγ§ζ˜”ζ˜”γ¨γ‹δ»Šγ―ζ˜”

Aren’t those wonderful words to begin a story? “Once upon a time”
promises something: a story of adventure and romance, a story of
princesses and princes. It may include tales of courage, hope, and
everlasting love. In many of these stories, nice overcomes mean and
good overcomes evil. But perhaps most of all, I love it when we turn
to the last page and our eyes reach the final lines and we see the
enchanting words Cherry blossom“And they lived happily ever after.”Cherry blossom

Isn’t that what we all desire: to be the heroes and heroines of our
own stories; to triumph over adversity; to experience life in all its
beauty; and, in the end, to live happily ever after?

We have been told that we are beloved sons and daughters of Heavenly
Father, prepared to come to the earth at this particular time for a
sacred and glorious purpose.

Those words are true! They are not made up in a fairy tale! Isn’t it
remarkable to know that our eternal Heavenly Father knows you, hears
you, watches over you, and loves you with an infinite love? In fact,
His love for you is so great that He has granted you this earthly life
as a precious gift of “once upon a time,” complete with your own true
story of adventure, trial, and opportunities for greatness, nobility,
courage, and love. And, most glorious of all, He offers you a gift
beyond price and comprehension. Heavenly Father offers to you the
greatest gift of all--eternal life--and the opportunity and infinite
blessing of your own “happily ever after.”

“Happily ever after” is not something found only in fairy tales. You
can have it! It is available for you! But you must follow your
Heavenly Father’s map.

So, we follow the map and we live (not lived) happily ever afterBlack sun with rays️

The End...or wait...there is no end...

By: 山内姉妹

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