Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last week of a 7 week transfer‏ - May 26, 2014

This is Shiho san, one of the most beautiful‏ women in the world. We walked around for about 10 minutes just talking and building our relationship and then had a lesson at the Senzokuike park. This was after that lesson. Please pray for her that she will be able to be baptized on June 28.

Twinners! We have the same Hawaiian skirts on, white shirt, name tag, same in purpose! Oh, yeah Smiling face with smiling eyes

This is Ryuuya kun!‏ I love this boy so much. We have a super close relationship and I am so thankful for that. After our lesson on Friday, I told him I was going to take a picture and it ended up being a fun photo shoot. This will give you a little idea as to how funny and awesome he is. Wish you could meet him.

 I'd love to say I'm not accident prone, but....
This one, right next to my ACL scar...

 Beautiful! Looking out our balcony.
Here she is again...the hero of a lot of photos I send to you. She is
such a fantastic missionary. She knows her priorities and always puts
helping God and the missionaries above everything else. I am really
grateful for her. We saw her almost every day this week because she
would help us and then we would help her with her friends. Whenever we
see her, she always has food for us. 

Good ole Hall Shimai‏.It was this girls birthday on Sunday. I love her so much. She has taught me so much. So thankful for her.

Thought you might be interested to see what a Japanese bathroom is like. These two pictures are in separate rooms, by the way. So in Japan, most people don't use soap,they just wash their hands with water from this spout after flushing.
As for me...I'll still be using soap.

May 26, 2014
I hope your week has been as fabulous as mine!

Baptismal dates: We have three baptismal dates right now. Shiho sans
baptismal date is set for June 28. We are praying that The Lord will
help her understand that this church is the only true and living
church. Ryuuya kuns is set for June 29. Sometimes his grandma and
grandpa still have doubts. Ryuuya kun is completely ready. He knew his
previous baptismal date by heart, but didn't realize he'd missed it.
When we asked him this week if he remembered the new date, he said the
old one. We told him that date had already passed. He asked us in the
most sad voice, why didn't I get baptized? Although his grandparents
are active members they see little urgency for the work right now. We
are working on developing that urgency. Misaki chan's is set for July
5. We had a lesson with her mom and her Mom loved us. She says she
wants Misaki chan to be just like us. I hold these baptismal dates
very sacred.

Our progressing investigator who doesn't have baptismal dates right
now is Kay. However, we are very hopeful that we will be able to set a
goal with him on Monday (this week). He seeks for the truth. He is
very knowledgable, but yet very humble. He knows that there is a god
and everything. I think that if he figures out that Jesus wasn't just
a nice person, but is actually the Son of God, things will start
clicking for him.

After P-Day ended, we had a few lesson. I think the thing that hit me
most about was bring able to meet with Tess. She is from Utah, but has
been in Japan for several years now. She has a lot of hard times and
it sometimes feels very lonely here in Japan. It was so great for her
to be able to speak in her own tongue. At the end she said, ah, that
was a therapy session. It reminded me of hyena scripture that says
everyone needs to hear the gospel in their own tongue. I testify of
I went on splits with Sister Orton this past week. The Lord guided us
to a wonderful college that specializes in tourism and English. They
are all at a great age to learn the gospel and are so excited to come
to Eikaiwa. I know they will see a lot of success with that college.
We taught a lady named Yuko who has been investigating the church
since last year. She is doing super well and will hopefully be able to
set a baptism date soon.
Met a less active who started the road to hard times when she stopped
praying, reading the scripture, or going to church. Please,
everyone...do these three things. It is soooo important! Also had
eikaiwa and some lessons. Super great!
Visited a lady who was interested in meeting us through another
investigator. There names are Moma and Suzuki san. Suzuki san is very
sick right now, but she loves that love is the center of our message.
So, sooo very busy. Tons of lessons and lots of help from The Lord.
Taught Suzuki san, mamabeti, takatsuke shimai, and Ryuuya kun.
This past Saturday had to have been one of the most miracle-filled
days of my mission. Let me tell you a little bit about it. Elder Cook
came to Japan and we had the 2 zone mission conference. That was very
spiritual and I learned so much and was able to find the answers to my
questions. Also, being able to sing in the choir for it was very
touching for me. Then we went back to our area and had four lessons
back to back to back and were able to set baptismal dates. There is
much more detail that I could put into describing this day, but let me
put it in short by saying, God is real. I know it. I love Him so much!
The Tokyo stake was blessed to have Elder Cook come to speak to us. I
got to hear from him twice...it was awesome! Ryuuya kun was able to go
to stake conference. He was so happy to see a real apostle of The
Lord. We also had several less actives come to stake conference, so
that was wonderful. We also talked to Tess and she told us that The
Lord must really love us. She happened to be talking with someone at
work that said they are less active but would like to maybe go back.
She also thanked us several times for a email that we sent her
thanking her for all she does in our ward. She said she had a really
hard week and it really helped her out.
We did the normal shopping, cleaning, and study. We also had a lesson
with Kay. He is soooo awesome. He seeks for truth. He had been reading
in the scriptures and found a way awesome verse. 2 Nephi 9:42. He
loves to completely understand things before going into them, so we've
still got a lot more studying to do with him, but he has such a great
desire to learn.

Lastly, I'll share with you some spiritual thoughts of my week:
Joseph Smith represents all investigators. Heavenly Father and Jesus
Christ were the first missionary companionship!! Sweeeetttt!!
Staying on purpose is so important.
Missionaries are problem solvers.
When I invite, I succeed as a missionary.
I am the message.
The thing I focus on the most is getting back to my Heavenly Father
and bringing others with me.
God should be your highest level of worship.
We need to have balance in your lives.
Every time I live a principle, I gain a testimony of that principle.

Love you all!!

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