Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 19, 2014

So, we were asked by our dendo shunin to make American food for a
young single adults activity right after church this past Sunday. They
would be making Japanese foods. Well, you know the Yamauchi clan, we
cook tons of Japanese foods and I really didn't have any American food
ideas. Japanese food definitely wins in my book. We made some rice
crispies and mashed potatoes. Everyone loved the rice crispies and was
asking how to make them. 
Also, this paragraph doesn't have anything to do with this young
single adults activity, but I have to tell you that this week we went
to go teach Ryuuya kun at the Kawamura's and I ate some way insane
stuff. They have this meat that they pull out of the fridge. It looks
like normal meat, but it's not. It's an egg sack. Sister MacArthur
passed, but I said I'd try it. Wasn't too bad. Super grainy and spicy.
Also, at the end, they pulled out this big bottle. It is this way
expensive juice that is good for your skin. It's made up of like 80
different leave extractions and then...this is what kills
me...placenta. Yuck! Well, I still drank it. Wasn't bad,
but...well...it was placenta. Enough said. 
This is our dendo shunin (ward mission leader) having Elder Smith
smell kimuchi. It is really tasty, but Elder Smith wasn't the biggest

This is by our paradise park on our way to by groceries. First and
probably last time I will ever see a pig in Japan. Look at the cute
baby pig!

Carp at Senzokuike kouen‏

 This week was full of lots of different events, so I think I'll just
take the approach by going Wednesday (since I emailed you on temple
pday last Tuesday) to Sunday (yesterday).

Wednesday: I went on splits with one of the sisters from Shibuya. Her
name is Sister Combs. She is one of the most hilarious girls I love
ever met in my life for many reasons. I love all of the sisters so
much and learn lots about them. I am so grateful for their influence
in my life. Exchange miracles are always so HUGE! By the way, I don't
think I ever mention too much about splits, but I do them about once
every week with a different sister. This past week however, we ended
up doing two.

Thursday: weekly planning. Lot of other appointments. I actually am
spacing as to what we did specifically on this day. I forgot my
planner to come to the church to email. PS, if you don't know this
already, a missionary would be completely lost without their planner.
Love my planners so much,

Friday: had zone meeting. Me and sister MacArthur gave a training on
the importance of being unified with your companion. It is so crucial
in this work! Also, we were able to set a new baptismal date with
Ryuuya kun. It will be for June 28. His uncle returns back from his
mission in America on the 27th, so he will be able to baptism him.
Thank you for all your prayers in his behalf. Please continue,
especially that he will be able to faithfully attend church every
single week and recognize church as a blessing in his life.

Saturday: always our busiest day. kids eikaiwa, which is always a
blast. Going over to the Yamashitas for dinner. They are new in our
ward and don't know a whole lot of people yet. Following up with
people about church and seeing if they need any help getting there.

Sunday: church. I gave a talk on work and personal responsibility. It
was a great way to get people to church by telling them that I needed
them to hear the talk. We ran into three people (Maysoun, Okada
Shimai, and Rina san just randomly on different roads in the largest
city in the world. That sure wasn't a coincidence.

Monday: the normal clean house, wash laundry, go shopping, write
letters. Tonight we will be meeting with a lady that me and Sister
Combs were able to find on splits. Also, we are going to be meeting
with one of our ward members who is having a hard time right now and
just needs a listening ear (Tesu).

One last thought for today: The Lord is on His game! Are you?

Love ya so much!

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