Thursday, May 15, 2014

Motherhood - May 12, 2014

My Dearest Mission Mother,
How do I start this letter without saying some part of what I feel. So
much compassion and love. I guess it's not something words can
explain, but I'm going to try to explain it using my mission. A
mission has taught me so much about motherhood...more than I ever
expected. I wanted to share my love for my mother by sharing these
precious experiences.
First, there's the one I think everyone relates to marriage in the
mission...a companion. Just like we have been taught by prophets that
no success can compensate for failure in the home, I have learned that
no success can compensate for failure in a companionship. Companions
are so crucial in missionary work. Sometimes it's easy to think that
you could do it better or more effectively or whatever on your own,
but. I am so grateful for each of my companions and what they have
taught me. The Lord knows where, when, and the reason why two people
should be together. I completely trust Him.
Along with a companion comes the chance to raise children...or
investigators. We put all our efforts towards our investigators, our
friends. We find them, we pray for them, we fast for them, we study
for them, we plan for them,we sleep for them, etc. To put it short, we
live for them. You know that saying that moms say. Actually I don't
know it really word for word, but it says something to the effect of,
you'll never now a mothers love until you become a mother. It's the
same with missionary work as well. I think missionary work is the
closest you can ever get to knowing what that is like without being a
mom. I have learned to love in ways I never thought possible. I have
learned to be patient, kind, sincere, forgiving, and the list goes on.
Not hat I will ever master any of these qualities I this life, but it
hope to be pretty close.
Cleaning is another one. Mothers always clean the house. I firmly
believe that a house of God is a house of order and we must keep clean
in order to receive revelation. As I clean, I recognize that most
things will go unnoticed, and then I think of any Mom out there who
does the same thing and even more. What angels! They ought to be more
praised for their work.
Working with Urrichkie Shimai and her son William, Etou Shimai and her
daughter Sayaka chan, Kamino Shimai and her two daughters Yuri chan
and Mari chan, Kawamura Shimai and her grandson, and the list goes on
for miles, I have learned the important role of a mother in a child's
life. In general, the child does exactly what the mother or motherly
influence does. Although children don't really think this is
happening, it is. It definitely is!
There are so many other things I could relate, but I don't have much
more time left, so...until next week.
I love my Mother. She is the best! I am so thankful for her influence
in my life.
I also love my Heavenly Parents who also watch out for each of us
every single second of every single day. They are my Hero's and I will
do all I can to show my love for them.
Sister Yamauchi (a mother in training)

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