Tuesday, June 3, 2014

BOOOOOOOMM - June 2, 2014

 My mission has done many of things for me. One is an absolute love for
Filipinos. They are the best. This is Harold on the left and Henrie on
the right. Cute, right? Love these two and their Mom so much. They are
so pure. 
We had a lesson with them and Iwanami Yayoi Shimai this past week.
Bought them ice cream and they loved it. Soft ice cream I love children!
 Japan rocks at these two flavors. I crave them all the time. Peach
water is my favorite and then grape jello is incredible!
In Kasukabe I did the same thing that I do with my wall now. I love to decorate it with quotes information on investigators, or really just anything. Kelsey, you made my wall! Smiling face with smiling eyes. Love your graduation announcement. You sure are quite model. Kiss markLove it!
      Thought you might like to see the typical Nihon Konbini‏
Welcome to my email, where you will hear so many wonderful things. I
am so excited to share with you that which is dearest to my heart.
I need everyone's help. I really believe in the power of uniting
prayers. Please pray for these investigators to be baptized on the
dates that we have set for them: Shiho san, Ryuuya kun, Misaki chan,
Henrie, ryuichi Shibata kun, and Shibata san. Thank you everyone!
Church was awesome this week. Ryuuya kun attended a different ward
with his family, so that was good. Joe (excommunicated member) came at
our invite. He is quite the character. He had previously been
attending he English ward, but he is wanting to try out the Japanese
ward again. Shiho san came for relief society only. We also had a
family of three by the name of Izumiya. They were invited to Eikaiwa
and there I talked to them and invited them to church. They said they
would come in June and sure enough, they did. I talked with them and a
member after church and they are incredible. They love Christianity
and were asking all sorts of questions about how baptism works in our
church and what they need to do if they become members. Incredible
miracle. We also had about 3 less actives in attendance that we have
been working with for the past couple of months (Taki Shimai,
Kobayashi Shimai, and Ikeda Shimai). Less actives have a very special
place in my heart. Since we have been here, lots have returned to
Our only progressing investigator that doesn't have a baptismal date
is Kay. We tried to set one with him this week, but he is really
insistent that we go very slow. He wants to know everything before he
commits to something as of now. Hopefully that desire will change over
I had one of the coolest experiences this week. Before my mission, I
did lots of mission preparation. All I wanted to do was serve a
mission. One of the things I learned in preparation for my mission is
what I like to call four by fouring. (4*4ing). It is this: If you go
to an appointment or a certain house that you we're told to visit and
no one is home, you go four by fouring, or housing four houses to the
front, back right,and left of where you were directed to go. I believe
this is so crucial because God sends us to areas for specific reasons,
not necessarily a specific house. I have had times on mission when my
companion says there is no point and we should just go back, but I
always have believed in this technique and I always want to do it.
Well, this past Sunday, we went to visit a referral given to us by the
English ward. It was probably a 40 minute bike ride. She wasn't home,
and so I expressed my desire to do 4*4ing. We saw a HUGE miracle from
it. We visited an apartment complex and started housing. About seven
doors later, a lady answered the door with her cute daughter and I
could just tell something was lit within her. It was incredible. Right
when I saw her, I knew she was the one The Lord sent us to find. She
belongs to another faith, but was willing to set up an appointment. We
met with her and talked about the Book of Mormon and she loved it. She
is so prepared! We will be meeting her again tomorrow and I am so
The Lord has blessed and is blessing our area so much. I love the
Senzokuike area with all my heart and I know The Lord does too. I will
always be willing to give everything to help The Lord in this great
cause. He is  truly all-mighty, all-powerful, and all-loving.

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