Monday, June 30, 2014

Eternal Friends - June 30, 2014

This is us with Ryuuya kun and his older sister, Marina. She is super
adorable and we are seriously the best of friends.
MicrophoneB is for Baptism, that's good enough from Bre. Multiple musical notes

Believe it or not, this is pretty common to see here in Senzokuike.
Above a flower shop here, they have a room full of monkeys and I'm not
sure how everything works' but I think people just take them for walks
and stuff. Speak-no-evil monkey
Last p-day, after I wrote you, our apartment went together to a shrine. It was super fun. Some of the things they do in the shrines just make me remember how spiritually in tune the Japanese people are. I love them so much. They are so humble and they need this gospel soooo bad.
I have had the opportunity to run into lots of different people from all over the world. Thought you would like it if you knew how to say I love you in Chinese and in Taiwanese. The first line is Taiwanese and the second like is Chinese.
 This is something I pass multiple times a day. I love it!

June 30, 2014 
This was the best week ever! I know I say that every week, but it
always is the best. I have so many fond memories this past week that
have really built my faith. I wanted to share some of those with you.
This week started off last week in weekly planning when I told Sister
MacArthur that we were going to hit every single standard of
excellence. We knew we had a baptism and confirmation coming up and I
wanted more than ever to hit every single standard. I shared that goal
and she agreed and from there, ewe got to work. It is so important to
share our goals with our companions!
Based off that goal, let me tell you about some of the miracles and
the things I learned.
Ryuuya kun was baptized. He has completely changed! It was fun to hear
our bishop talk about him after he was baptized. He said that when he
interviewed Ryuuya kun, it wasn't the Ryuuya kun that he knew. I am so
happy for him and his family. He was also confirmed and told me that
he feels really good. We called him later that night and I asked him
if he was still perfect. He said no he had made mistakes, but what a
tender teaching moment it was for him to know that if he remembers to
repent every day, he can stay clean. We also committed him to writing
his experience in a journal because it would be useful later. He
grandpa did his confirmation and it was so powerful to here him say
that he would go on a mission if he lived faithful. I am so excited to
hear about all the people that he brings closer to Christ throughout
his life.
We had a less active couple come back to church. Their name is
Nakahigashi. They hadn't been to church in 15 years. He was a
patriarch and pretty much everyone knew about them. They are by far
the cutest couple I have ever met in my life. They had no idea that
the Mormon kei wasn't around anymore and I wish you could have seen
brother Nakahigashi's face when we presented him with a new Book of
Mormon. He has cancer and doesn't get out that often, so he spends
pretty much every day comparing the Book of Mormon with the Mormon
kei. He loves the Book of Mormon!! We visited them twice this week and
had committed them to coming to church this week. I will forever
replay the tender moments in my mind as members realized that they had
come back to church. They went up to greet me smiling from ear to ear,
eyes wide open, and some almost in tears. Members were thanking us so
much for bringing them back. It was almost as if I literally saw the
face of Christ in every person as them talked to these two precious
souls. My feelings just can't describe the happiness I felt.
Saturday night we were looking for someone else that we could bring to
church. We tried mailing everyone we could. We tried calling everyone
we could. Nothing seemed to be working. But, we knew that The Lord
would help us. We had a shokujikai after church the we had actually
invited one of our new investigators and her daughter to it at
eikaiwa. We were about to leave the church after the shokujikai and we
see them! They said they couldn't come before, but they did! And then
they wanted to attend the English wards sacrament meeting. Mira, the
daughter, made new friends and she loved it so much. At one point
during the meeting she gave her mom a big hug and said that she was so
excited that she was here. Miwa san was asking me lots of questions
about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. She says she has
been thinking about becoming a member and so has done lots of
research. It was amazing. The Lord baptized one and then on the same
day, gives us another one!
Sunday we visited a less active that no one seems to know about and
she lives pretty far away from the church. However, since we were in
the area, we decided to give it a shot for the second time. When we
got there, it didn't seem like anyone was home and so when I said the
prayer, I prayed hat before we left her house, we would be able to see
her. As we were going to leave, she showed up on her bike. What an
incredibly fast answer to my prayers!
Two of our new investigators from this week are from Taiwan. One of
them is going to head home for three weeks and then come back to Japan
and that is where Facebook comes in handy.
One of our investigators that we are in the process of handing off to
the English Sisters has already read about half of the Book of Mormon!
She loves it and she believes it to be true. It is often times hard to
meet with her and set up appointments, but she has a lot of faith and
I am looking forward to seeing her progress.
I love this area so much. I know that I have so much to do here and
accomplish and I am so excited for another week.
Love you,
1. We got news from church headquarters this week that now we have to
teach lesson 5 before baptism as well as after baptism from here on
2. My legs look like I have chicken pox, the Misquotes here are way
weird. Unlike in America when you can see them bite you, you can't see
them here. Or I should say you can't see them bite you here. When you
do see them, they are huge. They are stripped too.
3. This week we finished Rolling out Facebook to the whole mission.
Weird not just to have leaders on it now. We are going to have to
really buckle down and check the missionaries Facebook pages often to
make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing.

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