Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Feasting Daily - June 9, 2014

 Love these two so much. Sister Gates went back home and Sister Hall is
still here. Sister Hall's new companions is Sister Ipson, who was also
in my district in the MTC. We are all coming back together!!
Also, every morning this transfer me and Sister Hall go running
outside, which I love!! The other two like to stay in.
  One of the amazing things about our church is knowing that we are all
one big family. I am so thankful for that.
On the left is Sister Kuwahara. She just got back recently from a trip
to Guam. Her parents live in the Kasukabe ward boundaries and I love
them so much.
On the right is Sister Sasaki. She is friends with a lady in my
Kasukabe ward named Morita Shimai.
I am so grateful for the bond we share...because we are one in purpose!
 This is where you can buy meat and make what we call shabu shabu.It is super yummy!
Thank you for all who take the time to read my letters. I hope what I
have to say helps you as much as it has helped me.
First of all, thank you for praying for Ryuuya. He has changed so much
from the start. It has been such a joy to see him grow. The light of
Christ in his countenance is more and more clear every time we see
him. Keep praying for him. We've almost made it to his big day...June
I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again...missionary work
is not missionary's work. It's gods. Do your best, and He will
certainly do the rest. Let me share three examples of the many that
prove my point.
We have a new family we are teaching. Name is Izumiya( it's a mom and
daughter). They came for Relief Society last week and yesterday came
for Sunday School. We'll get them to Sacrament Meeting soon. We also
met up with them and a few members after church because they had lots
of questions for us. They are an incredible family. They want to know
everything and are very willing to learn. Thank you Heavenly Father.
What a cool gift!
We were finding in the park and started talking to this lady named
Kuji sanwho said she has attended lots of different churches and she
might give ours a try. Also, she said she would love to listen to what
we have to say. Sweeeetttttt!
We were also trying to find a less actives yesterday and this man
named Fukui san came up to us and started trying to speak English.
Once he found out we spoke Japanese, he asked if we were Christian. We
said yes and he said he had interest in learning. He set up his own
appointment and everything. Again, thank you Heavenly Father.
We have so many progressing investigators right now. It has been
incredible to see the number of our progressing investigators increase
every week. The Lord is doing it all!
We have really been working with the less actives. It's one thing that
Elder Cook and President Budge have really been stressing of late.
It's so sad, but there are sooo many. It has been incredible to see
them come back and see how happy the ward is to see them. The two less
active families that are really working really close with right now is
the Terasaka family and the Nakahigashi family. We will continue to
give them the love they need to get back. Please pray for them.
I've got this new thing going on that I like to call "spiritual
shots." Sometimes we are only able to meet with our investigators once
a week; however, just as we need daily physical sustenance, the need
for daily spiritual sustenance is just as strong. Obviously we can
remember Jesus Christ every day as we pray, read the scriptures, and
meditate. However, I've been racking my brain as to how to make it
more fun. I've got it! Obviously the plan changes a little bit from
investigator to investigator depending on their needs, but the general
principle applies. Every time we meet, we give them different things
to open up on all the days of the week until we meet again. These
things can include anything from a Book of Mormon to a fun object with
a way it relates to the gospel to pictures. Really anything, they just
need their daily feasting.
We sometimes hear the complaint, “I haven’t time.” But we all have
time to read and study which is our solemn duty. Can we not arrange to
find at least fifteen minutes in each day to devote to systematic
reading and reflection? This would be but a trifling amount of time,
yet it would be one hour and forty-five minutes in a week; seven and
one-half hours in a month of thirty days, and ninety-one hours and a
quarter in the year. Make time for God. I testify that he consecrates
ours if we will do the small and simple things he asks us to do.
Also, one last thing, any weather is good weather for a missionary! It
dumped rain for three days straight, however, I loved biking in the
rain. The best thing about it is that we knew our investigators would
be home!! We were able to follow up totsuzen and they are all doing so
well. Things always work out for the best.
I'm excited for this next week. It is going to be super busy. We have
our once a month leadership meeting and our zone meeting in the same
week. Bring it on!Flexed bicepsSmiling face with smiling eyes
Love you so much,

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