Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 28, 2014 - Cute girl, expensive apples, favorite quote, YW Theme in Japanese and candy aisle in Japan.

The cutest girt I have ever met in my life!!‏ 


See Facebook if you want to hear about my experience with this cute
girl a couple weeks ago. 

 An apple a day in Tokyo might keep the doctor away, but it takes your money away too‏.
So expensive...thought of Kelsey when I saw this. For those of you who
don't know how much that is in American money, it's about 1.85 for one

One of my favorite quotes...sasuga ho-rando chourou‏

When I first started my mission, a Mormon message came out called
Wrong Roads. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It left a
huge impression...a very well needed impression, on me when I first
saw it last year. Anyway, I went on splits this week with Sister
Biddle and the other Sister who's desk I used,  had the quote from the
video on the wall. No matter how many times I read this quote, I can't
get enough of it. How true it is!
 Sasuga Nihon no Densha
Well, if you can't understand the title of this email...ask dad! Smiling Face with HaloThumbs up sign
In Japan, we have electric trains that are super duper useful for
getting around. When we travel, we also have the wonderful opportunity
of finding people to teach. Well, we were on our way back to our
apartment from Gotanda eki, which is about a seven minute ride but
there was a big thunder storm and caused some problems, so we had to
wait for about 20 minutes. In the process of waiting, we ran across
two girls from Canada...Kylie and Sarah. They are super cute and live
really really close to our church!! Guuzen dewa nai. When the train
finally came, there was so many people that we could hardly breath.
But we did make room for a picture with them. Hopefully they come to
church soon. It is actually really typical to be squished like
sardines on the trains, especially when everyone is going to work or
coming back from work. Good thing Japanese people are sanitary. Smiling face with smiling eyes 

 Who needs a car when you have a bike?
Grocery Shopping at Olympic.
 CANDY AISLE IN JAPAN - Dad, I always think if you when I see I had to send you
a picture.

 I have recently conquered the Young Women's theme in Japanese! I love
it so much. I am so thankful for my years in Young Women's. It helped
me so much. What an inspired program of the Lords.
What I learned as a missionary this week:
Medium white star️if you really love truth enough, you can remember it.
Medium white star️your most important investigators are your children.
Medium white star️I can't sleep in a bed anymore. The Tokyo 1st sisters apartment has beds and their apartment and I've been there several times for exchanges and I just can't ever sleep. Go futon!!

Here are some of the miracles of the week:
Medium white star️set a date with Ikeda Shimai to go to the temple to do her endowment. She has a hard time with Sundays, particularly getting work off. Keep her in your prayers.
Medium white star️on splits, we found sooooo many gaijin (foreigners) for the sisters to work with. Also, we taught someone who, by the end of the lesson, said she wants to get baptized when she knows it's true. Her name is Li and she is Chinese. She is supppeeeerrrr awesome.
Medium white star️got to have interviews with President Budge. It is such a miracle that he is my mission president. He is the best!
Medium white star️able to teach Soya, a less active in the kawamura family. He is sukoshii zutsu getting he desire to come back to church. Pray for him too!
Medium white star️Went to the funeral of one of our members, Higashide kyoudai. I was able to give his daughter a copy of the plan of salvation with a personal note for her. What a perfect time to share the plan of salvation with someone who desperately needs it.
Medium white star️Kay has also accepted a baptismal date. He is moving a long, little by little. He might be slow mover, but he really has desire to know truth and mark my word, he will get baptized some day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cookie time, late birthday wishes, and Zone Pday - July 21, 2014

Whatever cute nihonjin is in this costume is super tiny!!

This is me and my lovely Kawamura Shimai (Ryuuyas grandma). We actually share the same birthday, 7/11! So, this week we celebrated by eating dinner and having cake. How sweet! Actually, the truth is, that was was her son, Yoshiya's, birthday and so the cake was for him, but he ended up having to leave the house earlier, so we decided to make it our birthday party instead. Winking face Love Ryuuya in the background of this. That is sooo his personality.
This is Sister Ivory and Sister Ipson, the English ward sisters who
share our apartment. I love them so much. They felt bad they didn't
really know it was my bday and so they gave me a late birthday cake
and we are it together.
This is me and Marina chan. You have seen her in previous pictures
that I have sent. It is Ryuuyas sister. She is my favorite. Love her
so much. Well, everyone is my favorite...but...... Anyway, one of my
favorite things to do in Japan is share the most love I possibly can.
I always give hugs and say I love you to everyone (even though you
never really say I love you in Japanese normally). I love teaching
them the I love you sign and what it means. I don't know where I came
up with the idea, I just love being able to share my love without
having to say to's the best. No one here in Japan knows it!
Who knows, maybe it will start a new thing that spreads across this
country and they do the I love you sign instead of the peace sign.
Today for Zone Pday, we went to a really famous park in Yoyogi and
played Ultmate Frisbee. It is also where we went a couple of zone
pdays ago. It was great. So pretty. I loved it!! 

The past Sunday in Sunday School (gospel principles) we learned about
obedience. I really liked this tatoebanashi so I wanted to share it
with you all. Or teacher (Airi Shimai), at the start of class, told
Nozomi Kyoudai to eat some of the dirt. At first he was super
hesitant, but finally took a little bite. Well, it turns out as you
can probably guess that it is crushed up Oreos. She did a great job of
making it look like dirt. I love that. When we obey, we realize how
awesome it really is. It might test us at first, but when we live a
gospel principle, we will want to keep doing it.
This is one of the cute members of our ward eating some yummy dirt. Thumbs up sign
This is is soooo yummy on rice! Japanese food is the
best! Also, a ps on this picture, my hair is crazy frizzy because of
the humidity. Mushi Atsui da yo.
This is a sight just coming out of the Harajuku train station. It
looks like a temple, right?! I love this. I have faith that it will be
This has become a favorite quote of the week and I wanted to share it
with you. I testify that it is true.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What will you be doing on your birthday? I had a great one. - July 14, 2014

So the girl that is closest to me, it was her birthday and she was
able to take one of her friends to church for her birthday. There they
learned about baptismal and now this cute friend, the one farthest
away from me, wants to get baptized! Wow, cool, right? Now that leaves
me with a thought for everyone...what will you be doing on your
Happy Birthday to Me!


Birthdays are the best as a missionary because I could get so many
people to meet with us!! These are some of the people I got to share
the gospel with that day! If you want more info, look on my Facebook.

So I met this lady on huge the train a couple of weeks ago and got her
address and phone number. It was hilarious because when I told her my
name, she stopped for a second and then said, that's my name. It was
waayyy sweet.
We visited her last week and all my companions know how much I love it
when I see Yamauchi on a name plate...we always have to house those
houses!! My dream is have a convert with my are last name.
Anyway, this is her. She is super nice and listened to us as we shared
a brief message about the plan of salvation. We will visit her again
this next week.
Love her! Love Yamauchi!
Me and Sister Hall

Kids Eikaiwa‏. One of our cute kids named Sakuya kun.

This is Tono. He is seriously the sweetest. Not a member and has been
an investigator for who knows how long, but he loves the missionaries.
He never fails to bring us food every time we see him. Before eikaiwa
started, he stopped the class and said that seven eleven was coming up
in a couple of days and had a cake with a candle and also this cute
gift for me. I can't believe he remembered. We talked about our
birthdays in eikaiwa several weeks before that. This is also a very
special gift because it has a rabbit on it, which is my year. I was
born in the year of the rabbit.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th of July! - July 7, 2014

We had our district lunch this past week and when we sat down at the
table, we recognized that everyone on our side of the table was in the
same district!! Cool huh?! Love these missionaries so much and am so
grateful for each one of them and their examples.
This is a statue in Kamata that we took just before going in to Mister
Doughnuts shop. after three transfers together (the longest I've ever
been with a companion), she will be going to Chosei and I will be
staying here holding down fort!!At the rate I am going with changing areas, it
seems like I might only be in two areas my whole mission.
Hey all, so I thought I ought to teach you about the Book of Mormon as
it relates to what has happened in Japanese. A long time ago, but
really probably not too long ago, they came out with a new translation
of the Book of Mormon in Japanese. I guess it was pretty hard to
understand before because they don't use that type of Japanese
anymore.not sure all the details...but...the Book of Mormon is true!! 

Ryuuya kun is doing so wonderful! My testimony of the Atonement was
 strengthened so much as we visited him for our first after baptism
 lesson. It is almost as if his whole personality has changed. He
 listened to what we were saying, he wasn't playing on his phone at
 all, he was very kind to his cousin, and he was smiling from ear to
 ear. It was a huge change and I feel so blessed that The Lord gave him
 this opportunity and that I had the chance to take part in it.

Yesterday we had family home evening at the Suzuki family house. For
the activity, the oldest boy, Haruto kun, worked hard to prepare a
good activity. When it came his time to do it, he said, we are going
to build a temple! It was soooo adorable. You can even see captain
Moroni! Manato kun is the younger one and is quite the hoot. Once we
finished sharing our message we said a prayer to close and then
started to eat Soba, but then he told us all to stop and that we need
to pray. What a wonderful example. I guess he teaches his teacher and
kids at school how to pray as well. No wonder The Lord tells us to
become as little children. 
Well, being in Japan certainly did make it hard to remember about that
day, but I did celebrate it by eating these Japanese crackers with the
red, white, and blue wrapping. Yep, that's about it. Hope you had a
wonderful holiday especially you Grandma red, white, and blue
color lover.
I don't think it is a really big thing in America, but the
pets of Mickey and Minnie Mouse are huge here. I guess when they get
sad or lonely, they always rely on their pets. The girls name is
Shelly Mae and the boys name is Duffy.
This week we visited the Sawamura family. They are a less active
family who sleeps during the day and is awake during the night. Pretty
interesting right?! After really building a good relationship and
teaching a lesson geared toward getting the children they are excited
to come back. The Mom said that when they can get their sleeping
schedule back to normal, they would come. We committed them to coming
this upcoming week and are excited to see that dream come true.
I have thought about less actives a lot this week. I read a really
good talk that really helped me know how to approach them. It is a
General Conference talk October 2006 "And Nothing Shall Offend Them."
If you haven't read it yet, I strongly recommend it. 
Izumiya ke still plan on being baptized as long as they can get their
 answer by their baptismal date of July 27. They have asked incredibly
 deep questions, very rare for us to get! They want to learn about the
 temple and the Doctrine and Covenants right now! We are finding
 success with them by communicating through email. They came to church
 this week and absolutely loved the old Testament class. I decided
 after attending that class that I should probably know my Bible a
 little better. Smiling face with smiling eyes The only hold up we are having is getting them to
 tell their family about what they are doing. They told us that they
 would be fine if going to church was something they wanted to do, but
 I think they are worried about something. We will continue to work on
 Kay finally came to church!! I have been working and praying forever
 for this day to happen! And he loved it. It made me so happy. When he
 finally does get baptized, he is going to make the best member ever.
 He seeks for the truth and really desires to be good and do what is
 This week I had the wonderful opportunity of going on two splits with
 two wonderful sisters.
 On Tuesday, I went on splits with Sister Hall and we did Japanese
 dendou in Senzokuike. We were able to learn so much from each other.
 She worries about her Japanese a lot. It has been so long since she
 did Japanese dendou. But, she is transferring to a new place so she
 will get in the hang of it again. One of the things I like to do for
 my companion during language study is make them a Japanese card. On
 the card it will always have something new, whether it is bunpo,
 kanji, or tango. I will then write what it means in English and the
 give them tatoebas so they can figure out how to use it. I am now
 doing a bunpo card for Sister Hall every day because she that is what
 she wants to be better at. She is so great at being everyone's best
 friend and really makes others feel good about themselves.
 On Saturday, I went on splits with Sister Dopp and we did English
 dendou in the Tokyo 1st area. We went in to the split with no
 appointments or activities for the day but we set our goals high and
 worked hard to achieve them and saw tons of miracles! We visited a few
 less actives and along our way, were able to run into sooooo many
 prepared people. They have now got a lot of new PI's to work with. She
 is a wonderful missionary!
 I feel so blessed to learn not only from the people here in Japan, but
 also from the missionaries. They are so wonderful and I love each of
 them so much!
  That's it for the week. Have a good one!