Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cookie time, late birthday wishes, and Zone Pday - July 21, 2014

Whatever cute nihonjin is in this costume is super tiny!!

This is me and my lovely Kawamura Shimai (Ryuuyas grandma). We actually share the same birthday, 7/11! So, this week we celebrated by eating dinner and having cake. How sweet! Actually, the truth is, that was was her son, Yoshiya's, birthday and so the cake was for him, but he ended up having to leave the house earlier, so we decided to make it our birthday party instead. Winking face Love Ryuuya in the background of this. That is sooo his personality.
This is Sister Ivory and Sister Ipson, the English ward sisters who
share our apartment. I love them so much. They felt bad they didn't
really know it was my bday and so they gave me a late birthday cake
and we are it together.
This is me and Marina chan. You have seen her in previous pictures
that I have sent. It is Ryuuyas sister. She is my favorite. Love her
so much. Well, everyone is my favorite...but...... Anyway, one of my
favorite things to do in Japan is share the most love I possibly can.
I always give hugs and say I love you to everyone (even though you
never really say I love you in Japanese normally). I love teaching
them the I love you sign and what it means. I don't know where I came
up with the idea, I just love being able to share my love without
having to say to's the best. No one here in Japan knows it!
Who knows, maybe it will start a new thing that spreads across this
country and they do the I love you sign instead of the peace sign.
Today for Zone Pday, we went to a really famous park in Yoyogi and
played Ultmate Frisbee. It is also where we went a couple of zone
pdays ago. It was great. So pretty. I loved it!! 

The past Sunday in Sunday School (gospel principles) we learned about
obedience. I really liked this tatoebanashi so I wanted to share it
with you all. Or teacher (Airi Shimai), at the start of class, told
Nozomi Kyoudai to eat some of the dirt. At first he was super
hesitant, but finally took a little bite. Well, it turns out as you
can probably guess that it is crushed up Oreos. She did a great job of
making it look like dirt. I love that. When we obey, we realize how
awesome it really is. It might test us at first, but when we live a
gospel principle, we will want to keep doing it.
This is one of the cute members of our ward eating some yummy dirt. Thumbs up sign
This is is soooo yummy on rice! Japanese food is the
best! Also, a ps on this picture, my hair is crazy frizzy because of
the humidity. Mushi Atsui da yo.
This is a sight just coming out of the Harajuku train station. It
looks like a temple, right?! I love this. I have faith that it will be
This has become a favorite quote of the week and I wanted to share it
with you. I testify that it is true.

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