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July 28, 2014 - Cute girl, expensive apples, favorite quote, YW Theme in Japanese and candy aisle in Japan.

The cutest girt I have ever met in my life!!‏ 


See Facebook if you want to hear about my experience with this cute
girl a couple weeks ago. 

 An apple a day in Tokyo might keep the doctor away, but it takes your money away too‏.
So expensive...thought of Kelsey when I saw this. For those of you who
don't know how much that is in American money, it's about 1.85 for one

One of my favorite quotes...sasuga ho-rando chourou‏

When I first started my mission, a Mormon message came out called
Wrong Roads. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It left a
huge impression...a very well needed impression, on me when I first
saw it last year. Anyway, I went on splits this week with Sister
Biddle and the other Sister who's desk I used,  had the quote from the
video on the wall. No matter how many times I read this quote, I can't
get enough of it. How true it is!
 Sasuga Nihon no Densha
Well, if you can't understand the title of this email...ask dad! Smiling Face with HaloThumbs up sign
In Japan, we have electric trains that are super duper useful for
getting around. When we travel, we also have the wonderful opportunity
of finding people to teach. Well, we were on our way back to our
apartment from Gotanda eki, which is about a seven minute ride but
there was a big thunder storm and caused some problems, so we had to
wait for about 20 minutes. In the process of waiting, we ran across
two girls from Canada...Kylie and Sarah. They are super cute and live
really really close to our church!! Guuzen dewa nai. When the train
finally came, there was so many people that we could hardly breath.
But we did make room for a picture with them. Hopefully they come to
church soon. It is actually really typical to be squished like
sardines on the trains, especially when everyone is going to work or
coming back from work. Good thing Japanese people are sanitary. Smiling face with smiling eyes 

 Who needs a car when you have a bike?
Grocery Shopping at Olympic.
 CANDY AISLE IN JAPAN - Dad, I always think if you when I see I had to send you
a picture.

 I have recently conquered the Young Women's theme in Japanese! I love
it so much. I am so thankful for my years in Young Women's. It helped
me so much. What an inspired program of the Lords.
What I learned as a missionary this week:
Medium white star️if you really love truth enough, you can remember it.
Medium white star️your most important investigators are your children.
Medium white star️I can't sleep in a bed anymore. The Tokyo 1st sisters apartment has beds and their apartment and I've been there several times for exchanges and I just can't ever sleep. Go futon!!

Here are some of the miracles of the week:
Medium white star️set a date with Ikeda Shimai to go to the temple to do her endowment. She has a hard time with Sundays, particularly getting work off. Keep her in your prayers.
Medium white star️on splits, we found sooooo many gaijin (foreigners) for the sisters to work with. Also, we taught someone who, by the end of the lesson, said she wants to get baptized when she knows it's true. Her name is Li and she is Chinese. She is supppeeeerrrr awesome.
Medium white star️got to have interviews with President Budge. It is such a miracle that he is my mission president. He is the best!
Medium white star️able to teach Soya, a less active in the kawamura family. He is sukoshii zutsu getting he desire to come back to church. Pray for him too!
Medium white star️Went to the funeral of one of our members, Higashide kyoudai. I was able to give his daughter a copy of the plan of salvation with a personal note for her. What a perfect time to share the plan of salvation with someone who desperately needs it.
Medium white star️Kay has also accepted a baptismal date. He is moving a long, little by little. He might be slow mover, but he really has desire to know truth and mark my word, he will get baptized some day.

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