Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What will you be doing on your birthday? I had a great one. - July 14, 2014

So the girl that is closest to me, it was her birthday and she was
able to take one of her friends to church for her birthday. There they
learned about baptismal and now this cute friend, the one farthest
away from me, wants to get baptized! Wow, cool, right? Now that leaves
me with a thought for everyone...what will you be doing on your
Happy Birthday to Me!


Birthdays are the best as a missionary because I could get so many
people to meet with us!! These are some of the people I got to share
the gospel with that day! If you want more info, look on my Facebook.

So I met this lady on huge the train a couple of weeks ago and got her
address and phone number. It was hilarious because when I told her my
name, she stopped for a second and then said, that's my name. It was
waayyy sweet.
We visited her last week and all my companions know how much I love it
when I see Yamauchi on a name plate...we always have to house those
houses!! My dream is have a convert with my are last name.
Anyway, this is her. She is super nice and listened to us as we shared
a brief message about the plan of salvation. We will visit her again
this next week.
Love her! Love Yamauchi!
Me and Sister Hall

Kids Eikaiwa‏. One of our cute kids named Sakuya kun.

This is Tono. He is seriously the sweetest. Not a member and has been
an investigator for who knows how long, but he loves the missionaries.
He never fails to bring us food every time we see him. Before eikaiwa
started, he stopped the class and said that seven eleven was coming up
in a couple of days and had a cake with a candle and also this cute
gift for me. I can't believe he remembered. We talked about our
birthdays in eikaiwa several weeks before that. This is also a very
special gift because it has a rabbit on it, which is my year. I was
born in the year of the rabbit.

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