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Saikou Senzokuike (saikou in Japanese means awesome)‏ - August 18, 2014 - Tranfer

You just can't do missionary work without the members!! 
This is sugawara shimai, higuchi shimai, and Sakata shimai. In the
background is our dendou shunin (ward mission leader), Kaneda genki
kyoudai. These Sisters are soooo special to me.
Smile is from Nepal and he doesn't really speak any Japanese or
English, but he understands a lot. At the beginning, there was
literally no talking between the two of them or anything. I was amazed
at how good of friends the two became within about 10 minutes, and it
all started because Masaki kun brought over a game of Japanese chess
and they started playing together. So thankful for missionary work
among the members. I want to be the bestest ward missionary ever!!
Oh, P.S., we were able to set a baptismal date with Mina!! I am so
excited for her. It's coming up soon! I will miss you so much too.
Thank heaven for Facebook so that I will still be able to keep in
contact with her.
Her name is Aoyama san and she is absolutely adorable. I kid you not,
everything she does reminds me of Grandma Okamura. She actually when
to a Catholic school in Japan when she was little (lots of Japanese
people do). She lives super close to our apartment. I actually met her
when we were leaving our apartment and I saw her U.S.A shirt. We
started talking and it turns out she speaks pretty decent English!
Taught her about the plan of salvation.
Let me tell you about a way cool miracle. So, we had a member family
invite us over for lunch this past Tuesday. We wanted to take one of
our investigators with us. We called everyone, but they were all busy
with Obon and stuff like that. I told Sister Nash that we were zettai
(without a doubt) going to bring an investigator with us. So we
scheduled in an hour of finding time before our appointment with them.
Well, we were riding our bikes and I saw this girl passing out flyers
at a train station and I felt I needed to stop. I did and helped her
with passing out flyers. She thought it was incredible that I could
get almost everyone to take flyers from me. I told her we do this type
of stuff a lot with our English class. Then I just invited her to the
dinner and she accepted. She was working, but she would get off work
in another 15ish minutes. So we just handed out flyers and then went
together and talked about prayer. She loved it.
It turns out that Mira knows Mina (our other investigator I have shown
you pictures of)!! Incredible how The Lord connects all his children
Cool, right?!
Me, Mina, Smile (yes, that's his real name...the best, right?), and
Masaki kun (he was a great member missionary for Smile.
After zone meeting, I found this cute girl. Don't know her name or
anything, but she is so cute and I am so thankful I met her.
Shichijo Masami shimai, Allen Airi shimai, Nash shimai, Mina, and me
Although there are many souls I have had the privilege of watching
change for the better, I wanted to talk about Ikeda shimai, especially
since I have pictures with her. She was baptized several years ago,
but went less active. When I came in we worked with her hard and she
is now preparing to go to the temple in November. I am so pumped for
her. Ah, I'm going to miss you, Ikeda shimai.Crying face 
August 18, 2014 
Hello all. I figured my first email out ought to be about transfer
calls this morning.
I am going to Koga. It is in the Kiryu zone and very inaka (country).
I will be a sister training leader again. This is
the first time that I will be going to an area that might
have some investigators to start with. My first area, Kasukabe, was a
new area that me and Sister Lowry opened together and then Senzokuike
was a white wash, meaning they bring in two new sisters and take out
the other ones. The other sisters had no one to teach.
Sister Nash will be staying here. Needless to say, I am very sad to be
leaving this wonderful ward and all the investigators who I have spent
soooo much time on. The Senzokuike area is booooommmmmiiinnnggggg
right now. Sooo many people getting baptized soon. Although I will be
far away from them, they will always be in my heart.Heavy black heart
We had an awesome lesson with Izumiya san on Sunday. She is the
epitome of the bomb dot come. We felt the spirit so much. We had three
members present as well!! Everyone wants to talk to Izumiya san
because her desire to find the truth is so pure and refreshing. One of
our members is someone that she really admires a lot. He teaches the
Old Testament class in Sunday School and she really likes the bible.
At the end, he told about his conversion story. It was so incredibly
powerful. I still don't have a picture with her. I will get one this
week before I leave.
We have also been working with one of our eikaiwa students who has
been coming to eikaiwa for forever. She is super sweet. We have a ton
of trust in our relationship and this past eikaiwa, I was able to ask
her why she wasn't a member. She said she would tell me because she
trusts me. She and her husband tried to have a child for a good nine
years and finally, their wish was granted. However, she ended up
losing the baby in pregnancy and she says that any time she talks
about our religion or anything like that, it reminds her of those
memories and it early hurts her. I testified to her that she would see
her baby again if she would embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We also were able to meet up with her just before hanabi (fireworks)
and give her a lesson. The lesson ended when everyone started counting
down for the fireworks to start. Then the famous song off of the movie
"Spirit" began to play. She then said, why don't you stay. I said, i
won't stay because there is something better than fireworks that I
have to share with the world and I want everyone that I can possibly
talk to to know about it. I don't know if it was the music in the
background that made it so powerful or what it was, but as I left, it
was one of the moments when I said to myself, I am more free than
anyone here (mind you there were thousands upon thousands of people
there). I am so thankful for that powerful witness from the spirit
that I am in the right place. I am where I belong!
Heavy black heart️Love you allHeavy black heart️

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