Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Saying Goodbye and Hello - Area Transfer #3 - August 25, 2014

These are some high schoolers that I met before I left Senzokuike
area. They are absolutely fantastic. I really, really love talking to
people my same age. Young people have their minds wide open to so many
possibilities, one of them being religion. It's so fun to help them
think about the future and what it will bring. 
 Do you remember last week when I told you a member from a different
ward (nagayasu shimai) brought an investigator to church. Well, this
is Satou san. She is the cutest thing ever. We had a lesson right
before I left and talked about who god is. She has had so many
experiences she she has felt gods presence in her life. What a
prepared individual. I told her whatever she does, to remember to pray
every day, read the scriptures every day, and go to church every week.
She says she will. Love her sooooo much!

This is Izumiya Sachi san. I am sooooo excited for her future and what
it will bring. She is an amazing example to me and I will miss
teaching her so much. So gave me a plate and a cup for my bye bye
present and told me to use them every day. She will be getting
baptized in November, I'm pretty sure without a doubt. I also was able
to talk to her mother, who kind of went to another church without
telling us. That was a miracle that we were able to talk. She was
super sad I was leaving and asked if she could get anything for me. I
told her I didn't want anything like that. I wanted her to listen to
the missionaries again, go to church, etc. She said she would I
believe that woman and love her to death. Oh, but the way, this is
Sachi sans nephew, Riku kun. He's shy, but so nice.
The Itou family. Seriously one of the best families around. They sure
do know how to spend good family quality time and be strong. They
spend more time at our church than the average members do. It's
unbelievable that they still aren't members. I hope someday they will
This is Hamada Shimai and Kobayashi Shimai. They make me so happy. 
Kathy is seriously the best. She got work off and everything just to
come see me one last time at eikaiwa. When she was saying goodbye to
me, she started crying. Luckily, we have Facebook and we will still
keep in contact. She is so close to baptism I feel.
Yasuhiro san (not his real name...I actually don't know his real
name...he would never say) and Satomi (Annie, the English name we gave
her). They have been eikaiwa students for a long,  long time and know
soooo much about our church. I pray like crazy that one day, they will
be members. They would be sooo great! I told them that. They just
smiled. I think they know it's true.

As hard as it was leaving the Senzokuike area, investigators, members,
less actives, etc., I am having a ball here in Koga. I love my new
companion. Her name is Sister Cortes and she is from Mexico. Guess
what, I am learning Spanish! This week I have learned a little bit
about how to pray in Spanish.
This is our apartment. It is so beautiful. I love it!! Also, it is
just me and Sister Cortes and no other sisters and I love it just
being two!! So peaceful.
Koga is COMPLETELY opposite of of Senzokuike (Tokyo area). It's
probably a lot like Soda. Everything is just incredibly, INCREDIBLY
inaka (country).
They also gave me a certificate that says I graduated from Senzokuike and a cute candy necklace. I sure do love them all so much.
 Guess who is in Koga. I just about cried with happiness when I found
out. Do you remember in Kasukabe my mission leader was usui kyoudai.
He know lives in Koga boundaries! Koga is actually really close to
Kasukabe, even though it is a different prefecture.
I guess a lot of the investigators I found and taught in Kasukabe are
getting baptized soon. I think you would recognize their names from
past emails? Kurokawa san is next week and then Maria and Bibiche are
coming up!! I am sooooo excited!!
Another thing from Kasukabe is a story that I can't really tell you
until I see you face to face because I feel it is so private. But, do
you remember Blanche? Well, I found her on Facebook and found these
pictures of her new born babies. Like I said, I don't feel like I
should say a whole lot. But let's just say that these two baby twins
would not be here if me and Sister Miyaki had not been there. Twins.
How precious!
Also, one of the investigators me and Sister MacArthur found in
Senzokuike is getting baptized next month!! Her name is Mao san. Do
you remember her? She is the one that we went with her and her
boyfriend out to eat and I ate horse. I love her so much and am way
pumped for her.

Okada Shimai and Yamazaki Shinji kyoudai got baptized this last
Sunday. It made me so happy. I love them soooo much. Sister Okada is
actually the friend of a recent covert. They aren't married, but I'm
telling you right now, they are going to get married eventually. They
are probably the cutest two people I have ever seen and act exactly
like a couple. They keep asking about the temple and stuff, so I'm
pretty sure they want to go together.
Other than that, we didn't have really any investigators when I came
in. However, the miracles that have happened from transfer day on
Thursday to today have been absolutely incredible. In that short
amount of time, we were able to pick up two investigators who just
seem hungry for knowledge and have a baptismal date now. They are both
very young. Megumi chan should be able to get baptized really soon.
She is super cute and loved church this week.
Also, this is a picture of (from left to right) arial, taiz, Fuyumi, me, and Gabriel. We
taught them today. Taiz and Gabriel received baptism a couple of
months ago. Arial isn't old enough. And then Fuyumi actually isn't a
member of their family, but she is staying at their house right now
because her parents work all the time. The kids speak Japanese but the
mom and Rosa don't speak super duper well. So Sister Cortes did a
lesson in Spanish and I did a lesson with the kids in Japanese. Was
able to set a baptismal date with Fuyumi chan. She is really excited!!

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