Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day by day in Koga - September 22, 2014

We had a wonderful relief society party making scarfs, socks, and neck
warmers. Eikaiwa and a few lesson with Fuyumi and Maria. Maria and her
family are really struggling right now. Please continue praying for
them. Pray for Megumi chan to be strong and continue enduring to the
end. She needs all the help she can get. It is so hard when her
parents are not going on the same path as her.

I love weekly planning. I think it is one of the most underused
revelatory experiences as a missionary. It is a time to get lots of
direction from our boss, Heavenly Father.  
Today was splits with Sister Carrasco. She is so gentle and sweet. We
saw so many miracles! Kakuhata kyoudai and Okada Shimai graciously
drive us. We felt so bad that they were helping us and Kakuhata
kyoudai says, it's okay. We are family. It was so simple to say, but
it hit my heart so hard. We really, really are family. How cool is
that. I am so thankful for that simple truth. 
This is Kokai shimai and her husband, Kazuhiro San. They are less
actives. He actually has mental disability. We had a little picnic
outside of our apartment and a lesson. During the lesson, we talked
about why we need the Holy Ghost. At the start of the lesson, he said
that he doesn't need the spirit in his life. As we talked about the
reasons why we need the spirit and shared tewtimony with each other,
it was incredible to see the change in him and her. They both went to
church this Sunday. What an incredible thing it is when the spirit
works on people.
Ueda San came to church along with Fuyumi chan. Ueda San was a huge
miracle. I don't know if I've told you a lot about her. She lives
fairly close to our apartment. No home phone, no cell phone, sometimes
it is really hard to meet with her. I am so thankful to be a
missionary in these times when there are so many ways to share the
gospel. She loves going to church and feeling love from the members.
Pray that we will be able to meet with her often and she will progress
well towards baptism. 
We also met with Kenson San. He is quite the miracle. He called some
other missionaries phone asking for us and so those missionaries
called us and gave us his number. We called him. He is a southern
baptist, but currently has desired not to go to any church. He knows
that god is love and truth. He wants to find truth, but he's not sure
where it is. It was incredible some of the questions that he asked
during the lesson. He is so excited to read the Book of Mormon. He is
going to come to church sometime soon. 

Today we had our zone pday in Koga at the Suzukis house. Actually, the
Suzukis have two houses side by side and one of them they have allowed
the elders to live in, so we actually did it outside their house. We
did a BBQ. It was a ton of fun. We had an investigator and recent
convert with us, so it was awesome for them as well.
This is the elders house. The two inside are our zone leaders. The two
outside are the two other elders in our district. The one on the right
in the hat is our district leader. I love our district.
This is from my lovely companion today. 
The things that I love from Yamauchi shimaiHeavy black heart️
No matter what, she will work hard :)
She is incredibly good at Japanese, she reads kanji and she is always
ready to learn more.
If she has a goal, she will do it without doubts.
Chart with upward trend
When she teaches she does it with boldness and it is always out of love.
Baby angel
I love language study because I always can hear her reading in Japanese
and learning, in order to teach our investigators.
Open book
She does something funny every day
Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes
She tells the people 'I love you' every time she talks with them
Two hearts
Once I started this I realize that my companion has a lot of awesome
attributes that makes her the powerful missionary she is. Thank you ^^
I love Sister Cortes. She had a pretty bad bike accident when she went
to Oyama on splits. She has been super sore and super tired, but she
still tries hard no matter what.
Also, to end today, we were able to meet with Ueda san!! Hurray. She
is now on officially on the road to baptism. Pray for her like crazy
this week. I'll pray for all of you like crazy too. Person with folded hands
Love you all tons and tons and tons!! Have a wonderful week Sparkling heart
Sister Yamauchi 

 I appreciate so much having Facebook because I am able to keep in
contact well with converts and investigators from my previous area.
Today I saw this on Facebook. My beloved Urri and William. Love and
miss them so much. Today is Williams birthday! Can't believe it. He
turned 11. One more year and then it's priesthood time!
I tried some really funky juice and cheese bread from Peru. Smiling face with smiling eyes

The Japanese people are wonderful! -September 15, 2014

This is my darling Fuyumi chan. I have sent you pictures of her
before. She is awesome and I love her tons. We taught her the word of
wisdom on Sunday and she found out that tea is bad for you, but you
can drink mugicha, so she had her mother go buy some at the store on
Monday morning. She also told her mother that she wants to eat more
fruits and vegetables. Her mother is so thankful that she is learning
what she is learning from us. Her dad seems okay, although we haven't
met him yet. He isn't a big religion fan, but we are praying that we
will be able to get her permission to be baptized. We think it is
definitely possible, but will appreciate your prayers in her families
behalf. Oh, man, I love this girl so much. What an incredible example
of pure desire to do what is right. Every time we have a lesson, she
says, I want to go to heaven, or I want to be happy, or I want to be
baptized. She even cried when she didn't get to go to church a couple
weeks ago.
The Horie family has a pretty big family. They pretty much have a birthday party every single month. They invited us to go to this one with their family and an investigator (ueda san).'we all had a good time. The food is some of the finest food I have ever tasted. Also, after the meal, we we're able to share a message. For those of you who don't know, we keep track of what members fellowship our investigators. We do this by using our area book in our iPad and when we input the lesson, we input all the members too. I think it was the biggest member present lesson I have ever had. We had about 20 members and one investigator!
Nakajima shimai had a rough day on Wednesday and when we went to visit
her. She talked to us about a few things that had happened over the
past couple of days and then just cried. We talked for a about 10
minutes. I then felt prompted to ask her, "Nakajima shimai, who is
god?" She answered that "he is Heavenly Father." I then asked her,
"who are you?" To which she said, "I am a child of god." After a few
silent moments for her to think about what she had just said, she
prayed. What an incredibly, tear jerking experience. How important it
is for us to remember our relationship with God. He loves us so much.
In those hard times when you don't feel like praying, that is when you
need to pray the most.
Brother and Sister Suzuki
Can I just tell you that our ward mission leader and his wife rock! I
love them both sooooo much. My trip to the temple today was a little
bit unusual. All in all, it ended up being an 11 hour deal. I woke up
at 3:45 and then the sweet mission leader and his wife (the suzukis)
picked us up to go to the temple at 4:30 a.m. It is a three hour trip
by car from our apartment to the temple.
Speaking of cars, I don't know what it is but ever since I've come to Japan, I get carsick super easy. Now just even getting in a car makes me woozy. I'm typing my letter to you on the way back to our apartment from the temple. It's been a long time since I've ridden this long in a car. In Tokyo, I don't even remember having to ride in a car once. Everything is so close to everything that train and bike do the trick. In Kasukabe I rode I members and investigators cars quite a bit. But koga tops it all. I don't know if I've told you or not, but from the nearest train station our church is 35 minutes away by car. Some members drive about one hour just to get to church (one away). I am just amazed at the dedication of the saints here. And it is all so worth it too. This is a picture of the Tokyo Eki. I love it so much. I feel like it has been forever since I lived here. I can't believe how fast I got used to the country. It's hard to believe that I lived in such a big place. It never really bit me before. Actually, I went on splits with Sister Yasui this past week in Utsunomiya. That is in Kiryu (not even Tokyo), but it is still fairly large. Anyway, we were biking down the streets and there was actually people walking on the streets. They actually had streets! It blew my mind that we could street people. In Koga there is fairly anyone on the streets...because their aren't any streets.
This is where the emperor of Japan lives!
On splits we always see sooo many miracles. I thought I would share
some of them with you. 
Recap of this split with sister Yasui 
We were going from the Oyama church to the Oyama eki and met Natsumi
chan. She seemed a little sad, but was very willing to listen to us
and make friends. We were able to teach her about prayer. We were then
able to set up an appointment for the very next day before splits end
so that she can meet the Oyama sisters. She doesn't have a job. Seems
to have a little bit of a rough life. Wants to know how to be happy
and thought about joining our church already! 
Met Satou san on the train ride to Utsunomiya. She is very nice. Gave
her a Book of Mormon (recommended the introduction) and got her
contact information. She says she will read it. 
We went to visit 井上 shimai. She was doing good today and she actually
stopped going to church for a little while even though she is a new
convert. She said the closing prayer and in the middle of it, she said
that she knows she needs to work harder and get to church. 
Met Miho and her other two friends. Were able to set up another
appointment to learn about Joseph Smith (while eating gyoza). Also
talked about the Book of Mormon with them and invited them to read. 
We met keiko san (both of us for the first time). She was busy then,
but it was lucky that we even found where she lives and saw her face. 
Met kaeo san. She was very nice and we were able to set up a return
Went to seminary. Great way to build a relationship with the youth. We
learned about the sealing power of the priesthood. How thankful I am
that my family has been sealed in the temple! 
Check out this food that I ordered in Oyama at the end of our splits
with the Utsunomiya sisters. Oh, how I love Gyoza!
I love the word obedience. It is so important. I wants to share one of
my favorite scriptures in Doctrine and Covenants. 
20 There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the
foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated--
21 And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to
that law upon which it is predicated. 
D&C 130:20-21 
I have a super strong testimony of the importance of obedience. I know
it is because of obedience that we see miracles. God helps those who
are obedient. I love being obedient!
Love, Sister Yamauchi

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Koga - September 8, 2014

Nakajima Shimai‏

We randomly met her when we were doing our grocery shopping this past
pday. Isn't see the cutest thing you have ever seen?

So, I'm in back on this picture. I think I'm nearly the tallest in our
ward. That's normal Smiling face with smiling eyes
Nakamura kyoudai is leaky sunau (sorry, no English word can describe
what I'm trying to say, so I thought I better us Japanese). Usui
kyoudai has been a great fellowshipper for him. I am so thankful for
the Usui and Nishi family. Love them so much. Also, I love our ward. I
just love the gospel. It's the best!!
So many incredible things happened this Sunday. Keisuke kyoudai got
baptized before church. Megumi and keisuke receiving the gift of the
Holy Ghost in sacrament. And then after church, Shinji kyoudai
received the aaronic priesthood. Wow! God is helping us so much!
My first time seeing squid. Doesn't it look so scrumptious and slimy?
So I made Megumi chan a cute little journal for her to use. After a
convert is baptized, we teach them all the lessons over again. This
has all the lessons in it so she can record and remember the important
things in life.  
September 8, 2014
Buenos tardes (yes, my Spanish is coming along). It's funny because I
will have lots of deizavue moments when I remember things I learned
from my Spanish classes I took in high school.
Hope you had an incredibly successful week. I always pray for you and
your health and strength. I know The Lord loves you all so much.
We have been able to keep in close contact with Megumi and her parents
this week and have had lots of wonderful experiences I wanted to tell
you about.
1. Megumi is being bullied at school and that hasn't been very good on
her. We went to have a lesson with Maria this past Friday early in the
morning, but Megumi still wasn't gone for school. Usually she goes by
bike. However, she wouldn't go, so we went in the car. Megumi did not
want to go into that school to save her life. It was so sad. With the
teachers help, she eventually went inside and we went back to Maria's
house. Maria broke down in tears and said it is so hard for her as a
mother. She is also struggling with Carlos, her husband. They are
trying to save the marriage and family I think. I know the gospel will
help them so much with that. Please pray for this family. Megumi only
lasted about an hour at school and then called her mom and wanted to
come home. While Sister Cortes talked to Maria in Spanish, a member
and I had a lesson with Megumi. She looked like she hadn't had sleep
in a couple days. It was way cute and the start because we were
talking about he Book of Mormon and she said that the Book of Mormon
is what saves her. We read some of Alma 26 and talked about how when
the lamanites were about to go down into despair, The Lord told them
to go back and her with afflictions and The Lord would give them
success. We talked about how if we just read the Book of Mormon. She
ended up happy and smiling at the end. The power of the Book of Mormon
is incredible! She also asked me how she can find true friends. She
knows that her best friends are in the church. What an amazing
testimony she is to me.
2. We have been praying and Maria has been praying that she will be
able to find a job. She finally got one this past Saturday! That will
be such a wonderful blessing for their family.
I read something interesting in Preach my Gospel this week that had
never stood out to me before. It says to use members in every lesson
possible, ESPECIALLY RECENT CONVERTS. I love that. This week, almost
all of our member present lessons were with our recent converts. It
strengthened them so much. Preach My Gospel is the best!
Love you all,
Have a wonderful week!

We had a wonderful mission leadership council this week in Nakano. It
was well prepared and I learned so much.
Oh, I don't think I have told you that I live far away from any train
station. We are taking really inaka. We have to make sure we catch a
bus that is about a 5 minute bike ride from our apartment (the bus
doesn't come to often, so you have to make sure you don't miss it).
Then ex ride the bus about 40 minutes to get to a train station and
then about a two hour train ride to get to the honbu. Woot! We've been
waking up do early for our meetings lately. Poor sister cortes is worn
Although President Budge probably has much more knowledge than us, I
am always very impressed with the fact that his really listen to what
we are saying and takes it into account. I know that The Lord sent me
to a specific mission and to a specific mission president for a
I am really excited for our zone meeting this week. It will be a great
experience. This time we will be training on obedience and sacrament
meeting attendance. Can't wait!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Megumi Chan - September 1, 2014

Megumi Chan‏

This Sunday at church we had two investigators receive the gift of the
Holy Ghost (Okada shimai and Yamazaki kyoudai), I gave a talk in
sacrament, and we had the baptism of Megumi chan as well. I will never
forget that day. So full of so many good feelings. The Spirit is the
The baptismal service was absolutely incredible. The young women sang
a song for Megumi. I like to look for rainbows and it was so soooo
beautiful. My favorite part of any baptismal service is hearing the
converts testimony after the baptism. It was so wonderful to hear
Megumi testify of how she was feeling and then glance over at her
parents faces who were sitting beside me, and feel their hearts
Remember Kitahara shimai and Usui shimai from the Kasukabe ward. Well,
I now pretty well know their whole family. Those twos parents are the
nishi family. And the nish family has two other daughters, who are now
young women, who I now know. I love, love, love the young women. Get
so pumped every single time I see them. They love hugs and my I love
you sign. Oh, and Nakajima shimai decided she better be in the young
women's picture. That's just Nakajima shimai for you. She is the
greatest! Hehe 
 Let me start by telling you about Megumi chan. At the start of this
week, we really didn't know what to do with her. She wanted to get
baptized but it was hard for her to make time to take the lessons.
Through lots of faith and prayer, we were able to do lessons with her
every day this week. It was so incredible to see her change this week.
She has a very strong testimony of this church. From the time she was
a little girl, she attended several different churches, but she said
she felt something different. when she came to our church. Her
testimony is so incredibly strong. This has also been an incredible
opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the young men and
young women. I love each of them so much and just look forward to
seeing their faces all the time. We are now focusing a ton on her
parents to help them feel the joy that comes from the gospel of Jesus
Christ. Megumi chan really wants her parents to join her! We will work
super hard to help them become a forever family!

Itsumi Shimai. This is Usui Shimai's sister. We love each other
soooooo much. She has been a great support for Megumi.

This is Nakashima Shimai. She is absolutely incredible. I love her so
much. She is definitely my very own Grandma in Japan. She has an
incredibly strong testimony of the truth of the gospel. She lives
alone and loves missionaries. Fairly recent convert too.

Bus dendou is awesome. I met these two cute girls this past week.
Really excited to talk to them again this week!

Nananananananananananananananana BATMAN!‏

We had a crazy rain storm this week. We got pounded on, but still
needed to ride our bikes for an appointment for 2 hours. It was super
fun. I love the rain! Not like it hasn't happened before, but again,
my bag and everything in it were absolutely soaking wet. This is my
White Handbook. I opened it up and found that the rain had made me a
batman symbol! Cool, right?! Heavenly Fathers reminder to me that the
real heroes in life are His missionaries. My poor little white
handbook is still trying to recover to this day.
This is Okada Shimai and Kakuhata kyoudai. Kakuhata kyoudai is
amazing. He is a recent convert from the start of this year. Kakuhata
kyoudai referred Okada shimai and we taught her. He is such an
incredible member missionary. 
This was one of our lessons we had with her this week. This is Komichi
Hanna chan. She is adorable and such a great friend. I am soaking wet
in this picture. But, it's all good. Smiling face with smiling eyesThumbs up sign

 I don't think I've ever told you this before, but in Japan we do
tithing and fast offerings different than anywhere else. The bishop
gives each member their own booklet and you fill it out and then take
it to the bank in order to pay. Kind of an interesting fact I thought
I might share with you.
Here is a picture of the three missionaries the three missionaries
leaving That left e ootaku ku area last week. Woot woot for
When I first got to the Koga train station with Sister Cortes, the
Elders were actually there about ready to transfer and I got to greet
all of them. Also, one of their investigators was there. His name is
Yamazaki Shinji kyoudai. He's the one I told you got baptized last
week. Well Shinji kyoudai comes up to me super excited and said that
he had heard all about me. Heaven knows where from. He heard that I am
a strict teacher and he said he is way excited for me to be in Koga
and he likes strict teaches. P.S. I'm not strict.