Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day by day in Koga - September 22, 2014

We had a wonderful relief society party making scarfs, socks, and neck
warmers. Eikaiwa and a few lesson with Fuyumi and Maria. Maria and her
family are really struggling right now. Please continue praying for
them. Pray for Megumi chan to be strong and continue enduring to the
end. She needs all the help she can get. It is so hard when her
parents are not going on the same path as her.

I love weekly planning. I think it is one of the most underused
revelatory experiences as a missionary. It is a time to get lots of
direction from our boss, Heavenly Father.  
Today was splits with Sister Carrasco. She is so gentle and sweet. We
saw so many miracles! Kakuhata kyoudai and Okada Shimai graciously
drive us. We felt so bad that they were helping us and Kakuhata
kyoudai says, it's okay. We are family. It was so simple to say, but
it hit my heart so hard. We really, really are family. How cool is
that. I am so thankful for that simple truth. 
This is Kokai shimai and her husband, Kazuhiro San. They are less
actives. He actually has mental disability. We had a little picnic
outside of our apartment and a lesson. During the lesson, we talked
about why we need the Holy Ghost. At the start of the lesson, he said
that he doesn't need the spirit in his life. As we talked about the
reasons why we need the spirit and shared tewtimony with each other,
it was incredible to see the change in him and her. They both went to
church this Sunday. What an incredible thing it is when the spirit
works on people.
Ueda San came to church along with Fuyumi chan. Ueda San was a huge
miracle. I don't know if I've told you a lot about her. She lives
fairly close to our apartment. No home phone, no cell phone, sometimes
it is really hard to meet with her. I am so thankful to be a
missionary in these times when there are so many ways to share the
gospel. She loves going to church and feeling love from the members.
Pray that we will be able to meet with her often and she will progress
well towards baptism. 
We also met with Kenson San. He is quite the miracle. He called some
other missionaries phone asking for us and so those missionaries
called us and gave us his number. We called him. He is a southern
baptist, but currently has desired not to go to any church. He knows
that god is love and truth. He wants to find truth, but he's not sure
where it is. It was incredible some of the questions that he asked
during the lesson. He is so excited to read the Book of Mormon. He is
going to come to church sometime soon. 

Today we had our zone pday in Koga at the Suzukis house. Actually, the
Suzukis have two houses side by side and one of them they have allowed
the elders to live in, so we actually did it outside their house. We
did a BBQ. It was a ton of fun. We had an investigator and recent
convert with us, so it was awesome for them as well.
This is the elders house. The two inside are our zone leaders. The two
outside are the two other elders in our district. The one on the right
in the hat is our district leader. I love our district.
This is from my lovely companion today. 
The things that I love from Yamauchi shimaiHeavy black heart️
No matter what, she will work hard :)
She is incredibly good at Japanese, she reads kanji and she is always
ready to learn more.
If she has a goal, she will do it without doubts.
Chart with upward trend
When she teaches she does it with boldness and it is always out of love.
Baby angel
I love language study because I always can hear her reading in Japanese
and learning, in order to teach our investigators.
Open book
She does something funny every day
Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes
She tells the people 'I love you' every time she talks with them
Two hearts
Once I started this I realize that my companion has a lot of awesome
attributes that makes her the powerful missionary she is. Thank you ^^
I love Sister Cortes. She had a pretty bad bike accident when she went
to Oyama on splits. She has been super sore and super tired, but she
still tries hard no matter what.
Also, to end today, we were able to meet with Ueda san!! Hurray. She
is now on officially on the road to baptism. Pray for her like crazy
this week. I'll pray for all of you like crazy too. Person with folded hands
Love you all tons and tons and tons!! Have a wonderful week Sparkling heart
Sister Yamauchi 

 I appreciate so much having Facebook because I am able to keep in
contact well with converts and investigators from my previous area.
Today I saw this on Facebook. My beloved Urri and William. Love and
miss them so much. Today is Williams birthday! Can't believe it. He
turned 11. One more year and then it's priesthood time!
I tried some really funky juice and cheese bread from Peru. Smiling face with smiling eyes

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