Thursday, September 11, 2014

Koga - September 8, 2014

Nakajima Shimai‏

We randomly met her when we were doing our grocery shopping this past
pday. Isn't see the cutest thing you have ever seen?

So, I'm in back on this picture. I think I'm nearly the tallest in our
ward. That's normal Smiling face with smiling eyes
Nakamura kyoudai is leaky sunau (sorry, no English word can describe
what I'm trying to say, so I thought I better us Japanese). Usui
kyoudai has been a great fellowshipper for him. I am so thankful for
the Usui and Nishi family. Love them so much. Also, I love our ward. I
just love the gospel. It's the best!!
So many incredible things happened this Sunday. Keisuke kyoudai got
baptized before church. Megumi and keisuke receiving the gift of the
Holy Ghost in sacrament. And then after church, Shinji kyoudai
received the aaronic priesthood. Wow! God is helping us so much!
My first time seeing squid. Doesn't it look so scrumptious and slimy?
So I made Megumi chan a cute little journal for her to use. After a
convert is baptized, we teach them all the lessons over again. This
has all the lessons in it so she can record and remember the important
things in life.  
September 8, 2014
Buenos tardes (yes, my Spanish is coming along). It's funny because I
will have lots of deizavue moments when I remember things I learned
from my Spanish classes I took in high school.
Hope you had an incredibly successful week. I always pray for you and
your health and strength. I know The Lord loves you all so much.
We have been able to keep in close contact with Megumi and her parents
this week and have had lots of wonderful experiences I wanted to tell
you about.
1. Megumi is being bullied at school and that hasn't been very good on
her. We went to have a lesson with Maria this past Friday early in the
morning, but Megumi still wasn't gone for school. Usually she goes by
bike. However, she wouldn't go, so we went in the car. Megumi did not
want to go into that school to save her life. It was so sad. With the
teachers help, she eventually went inside and we went back to Maria's
house. Maria broke down in tears and said it is so hard for her as a
mother. She is also struggling with Carlos, her husband. They are
trying to save the marriage and family I think. I know the gospel will
help them so much with that. Please pray for this family. Megumi only
lasted about an hour at school and then called her mom and wanted to
come home. While Sister Cortes talked to Maria in Spanish, a member
and I had a lesson with Megumi. She looked like she hadn't had sleep
in a couple days. It was way cute and the start because we were
talking about he Book of Mormon and she said that the Book of Mormon
is what saves her. We read some of Alma 26 and talked about how when
the lamanites were about to go down into despair, The Lord told them
to go back and her with afflictions and The Lord would give them
success. We talked about how if we just read the Book of Mormon. She
ended up happy and smiling at the end. The power of the Book of Mormon
is incredible! She also asked me how she can find true friends. She
knows that her best friends are in the church. What an amazing
testimony she is to me.
2. We have been praying and Maria has been praying that she will be
able to find a job. She finally got one this past Saturday! That will
be such a wonderful blessing for their family.
I read something interesting in Preach my Gospel this week that had
never stood out to me before. It says to use members in every lesson
possible, ESPECIALLY RECENT CONVERTS. I love that. This week, almost
all of our member present lessons were with our recent converts. It
strengthened them so much. Preach My Gospel is the best!
Love you all,
Have a wonderful week!

We had a wonderful mission leadership council this week in Nakano. It
was well prepared and I learned so much.
Oh, I don't think I have told you that I live far away from any train
station. We are taking really inaka. We have to make sure we catch a
bus that is about a 5 minute bike ride from our apartment (the bus
doesn't come to often, so you have to make sure you don't miss it).
Then ex ride the bus about 40 minutes to get to a train station and
then about a two hour train ride to get to the honbu. Woot! We've been
waking up do early for our meetings lately. Poor sister cortes is worn
Although President Budge probably has much more knowledge than us, I
am always very impressed with the fact that his really listen to what
we are saying and takes it into account. I know that The Lord sent me
to a specific mission and to a specific mission president for a
I am really excited for our zone meeting this week. It will be a great
experience. This time we will be training on obedience and sacrament
meeting attendance. Can't wait!

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