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My Faith was Strengthened - October 13, 2014


Oh, Christmas Tree!
Well, the tree is up in the mission home and boy is it beautiful. It
is now waiting for the many paper cranes to go on it's branches and
presents to go under the tree to give to Christ this Christmas. It's
so much fun being a missionary and being able to think about Christmas
time so soon every year. I know that Christmas time is a special time
of year. It is bound to bring several miracle. Bound to bring 100
people closer to Christ through baptism and the laying on of hands
before Christmas in our mission!! What kind of gift do you want to
give to Christ this Christmas. Start now! Boy am I grateful that
Christ as born. I am so thankful that my Savior atoned for my sins.
Without him, none of us would be able to return to live with Him

 This was my first time going to a sushi belt restaurant. It was so
yummy. I love sushi. 
As I think of my experience I had with these two this past week, I
think of Elder Bednars talk from several years ago (I think). The
church isn't build by the masses. It is build one by one. I love that.
Our job as members is not to get the masses, but to get the one and
raise the one in a way that he will get one and then he will get
another one. That is exactly what Kakuhata kyoudai did. The message
was sweet to him and he went and shared it. In this past General
Conference, I love that Elder Bednar said that true disciples of
Christ are missionaries. Well, everyone. How is your misisonary work
going. You better have a teaching pool. I will always have one. I want
the to be a witness of Christ that Christ can be proud of. 
Kakuhata kyoudai

This last Wednesday, we had an eclipse. It was so incredibly
beautiful. I am so thankful that my mission is a biking mission. I
have learned more and more to appreciate the beauty in the world all
around me. I love the song, consider the lilies of the field. I know
that under the direction of God, Jesus Christ and Michael created our
world...our universe. I am so thankful to live here at this time in
this place. I know that God loves me when I look at nature.
Sorry, the pictures don't do it justice at all.

I remember when I first came to Japan thinking that the sweets here
aren't sweets because they aren't sweet at least in
comparison to America. Our friends in the ward that went to America
for conference brought us back some candy. I ate one and puckered up
big time. No wonder American people are obese. That stuff is super
sugary. I definitely got used to Japan! Woot!

One of the families in our ward have be trying to figure out how to
share the gospel with the Ayabe family. Well, thanks to our family
English program (30 minutes of English and then 30 minutes of gospel
discussion) we have been able to do so once every week for the past
little while. They now have a baptismal date and we are so excited for
them. Love these two cuties. This is Saki chan.
October 13, 2014
We have had an absolutely wonderful always. This week, I
wanted to focus on telling you how my faith was strengthened through
the experiences that I had. 
We have had some incredible lessons with a family of 14. They are
Filipinos and of the baptist faith. Although they all have the same
faith, their thoughts on religion are so different from each other.
When I am with them, there is not one slight doubt in my heart that
God lives. If I was on the earth when Christ was here, I would walk
with him and listen to his words. But I have the scriptures and as I
read, if I listen carefully, I hear the Saviors voice. I have prophets
to listen to that say what The Lord would say if he were here. If I
listen carefully, I can hear the Saviors voice. The spirit helps me
feel the Saviors voice. We don't need to see God to know He is there.
I know he loves me. Each of much. He knows my name. He knows
the people I am trying to help bring closer to him. He knows their
hearts. He knows. I am so thankful for their spirit. We are excited to
teach them this week about the foundation needed for a church
to be Christ's church. 
Megumi chan came to general conference! Boy, was I excited to see her.
Lots of prayers went into her coming to church this week. I'll tell you
what, I have the strongest testimony ever of prayer. I couldn't do it
without you guys. Thanks for everything you do for us in Japan. 
Lastly, I want to tell you about one of the most sacred experiences of
mine from this week with Ueda san (thanks to your prayers). We went to
breakfast together at a members house on her day off this past
Wednesday. After we finished the meal, we then started our lesson. We
had given her the service section out of pmg to read in advance so we
could talk about is principle in our lesson. However, before we
started, she said that she had one thing she wanted to tell us. She
won't be able to get baptized on the 26th of this month. We all
remained quiet as she told us some of the things that had popped up in
the last couple of days. She told her boss that she was studying with
the Mormons and the boss wasn't very happy and didn't treat her very
well. The man that she really likes right now told her to keep her
schedule open for the 26th because he had something special planned
for the two of them. Her children aren't the best of children and have
made a lot of mistakes recently. Even though she is not to be blamed
for the mistakes, the people around her are always saying that she is
the mother of bad children. Tears rolled down her face as she told us.
Although she had kept in tears for a long, long, time, she couldn't
hold one tear in that day. She asked if we could lengthen her date
until she got all of her personal problems taken care of. I was praying
like crazy in my heart. Something told me that the date we set was
inspired and she needed to be baptized on that date. We started
talking about Joseph Smith and how before one of the greatest events
in history (the first vision), he received much temptation from Satan
trying to get him to stop praying. I asked her if she had asked God if
she should be baptized. She said she hadn't. I was then able to
explain the experience I had at mlc with pray. I suggested that I
offer the prayer to ask god what he wanted ueda shimai to do. Tears
rolled down my checks as I prayed. I felt one of the most wonderful
feelings I have ever felt. The spirit was so incredibly strong. After
finishing the prayer and what seemed like an eternity of silence, she
said, I guess I should be baptized, huh. The Spirit is so incredibly
indescribable. This is an experience I will forever remember and hold
Have a wonderful week,
P.S. It's so weird that my Bishop (Bishop Hegemann) and my Stake
President (President Hart) have changed. A big thanks to both of you.
I really admire you two and the example you have been to me.

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