Monday, October 27, 2014

Ueda Shimai's baptism!! - October 27, 2014

Ueda Shimai was baptized. The service was wonderful. Everyone
mentioned how much change there was in her after she got baptized. It
was like she was a completely different person. The power of the
atonement is so real. 
This is the Horie family. The parents are the same age as ueda shimai
and have been the worlds best fellowshippers for her from the
beginning to the end. I love that family so much. Horie kyoudai
preformed the baptism and I will never for get how jyouzu he performed
it. One of our investigators, Tashiro Hiroko san, was able to come to
church and the baptismal service and she loved it. She has a date to
get baptized next month and is so excited. I will have to get you a
picture of Tashiro san next week. :)

This morning we went with Nakajima shimai to her friends that live
close to us. She had given them a Book of Mormon and wanted us to talk
with them. When we got to their house (Kimura family) and saw the man,
he said, I am not going to enter into any church. Did that stop
Nakajima shimai? No way!! She kept talking and making small talk with
the man and talked about how traditional Japanese think, there is only
one god, not many. And there is only one right religion. By the end,
the man said he would continue to read the Book of Mormon that she had
given him. Nakajima shimai is probably the best missionary there is in
the whole world. We told the man that we lived pretty close to him and
he asked us if we were the ones that were always running close to his
house and doing "taiso" we told him yes. He thought it was funny and
way cool that we exercise. This morning we actually went to ueda
Shimai's to remind her about having FHE at Nakajima Shimai's house
tonight. Sister cortes rode her bike and I ran. It's about a 8 minute
run to her house. Way nice. And there was more fog than I have ever
seen in my life. Did you know when it is foggy, you can see spider
webs super easily. It looked super halloweeny.
After we were done there, we were headed back to our apartment and I saw is lady with a way cute puppy. She is three months old. Soooo adorable, right?! We were able to give her a Book of Mormon and invite her to free English class. Hopefully we see her walking around our apartment again.
Here she is. I think you receive a picture of sister Nakajima
literally every week from me. Boy do I love her so much. She is quite
the lady.
We played the mummy game where you wrap one person in toilet paper.
Our team one second. Woot!  The mummy is Komichi ke's daughter. She brought two friends with her.
What a cute, good missionary.
The Ayabe family wanted to come to the baptismal service,but they had
something going on, so they couldn't. They have such a wonderful
funiki (um, in English that would be like their air/The feeling they
put off...kana). They came to the ward Halloween party and all the
members just loved the family. They will be a great addition to the
ward. We really hope they continue to progress and are especially
praying that they will be baptized before Christmas. This is two of the children.

This is Airi chan. She is the one that me and Sister Day met on splits
the day before this Halloween party! We invited both her a her friend,
but Airi chan ended up coming...alone. What a trooper!! She lives
close to the church. Love her so much. Ward activities are the best
tools in the world for missionaries. I take every ward activity very
seriously because it's such an awesome opportunity for our
investigators. We really invited as many people as we could to come to
the activity. Pretty much every person that wasn't a member that came
was one of our investigators. I tried to count. We ended up having
around 15 people come. We had to get all the other 6 missionaries who
are in our area to help us so that all our investigators had friends
to talk to. It was such an amazing sight. If a ward wants a successful
missionary program as far as activities goes, a ward ought to have a
big activity for everyone to come to at least once a month with flyers
that the missionaries can give out to everyone.

Companion exchanges with Sister Day‏

We have been teaching a lady named Joyce. She is for the Phillipeans.
I think I told you about finding her in last weeks email. We went
shopping on pray and I saw this lady I felt like I really needed to
talk to. Within this week, we have been able to teach her a could of
times, commit her to a baptismal date, and also she voluntarily took
us over to her friends house (2 referrals)! Wy have been able to teach
that family a couple times too! They live pretty close to the church
and believe in God. What a miracle!
This is Japan for you. A premade peanut butter and honey sandwich without crust.

Time flies! Went into Daiso today (Japan version of dollar store, only Daiso is
better than the dollar store). Crazy to walk in and see Christmas
stuff. Yikes! Halloween hasnt even happened yet!
Thais and Hannah chan. This dog is the cutest. The kids play around with it so much that it is pretty much like playing with a doll and you pick it up like a person. I think I forgot to tell you this story, but about a month ago, we went into their house and then we go to leave and I put my shoes on and notice the straps of my shoes are missing. The dog had ate them off. I ended up getting them fixed but my shoes are quite hammered.

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