Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Transfer 11 - October 6, 2014

Making gyoza

Elder Burt's last eikaiwa in koga.‏


It's always fun to show people my baby pictures because I look like a
Japanese baby with black hair. Now a days, my hair isn't even close to
black. So someone the other day asked me what color my eyes are. I
told them they are brown. They told me that they weren't brow, but
hazel eyes. I got the same questions few days later too. So, I guess a
sign of me aging is me going from darker features to lighter features.
I don't know. Crazy, right?! One thing that has gotten darker in Japan
is my skin color. I have the skin color of a Japanese. I actually get
told quite often that my personality and the way I talk and hold
myself is Japanese. Hurray for me!
We had a crazy taifun today. All sorts of emails from the mission
president and his wife for preparation and safety. It was crazy winds
and rain. So awesome!! The best part is doing dendou in it. I can't
wait to go out tonight to dendou. Oh, sorry, dendou in English means
missionary work.
I met Ann on the bus. She is way cute. We were able to meet with her
this week and she even brought her boyfriend. Aww, yeah. Let's be
honest the best date ever is to go out with the missionaries Smiling face with smiling eyes
Kawakami san. Believes in god and now just has the question as to if
it is necessary for her to join a religion. She is progressing slow,
but well and I am so happy for that. I love her so much.
Anya shimai. She is going to Hokkaido until next year! She is one of
our recent converts. She will go back to Peru in February. Please pray
for her to be able to keep strong in the faith.
So, I don't think I've actually told you this, but feel like the mom
of the apartment wherever I go. I do all the cleaning and cooking.
cortes shimai tried to cook pancakes the other day and hand our
apartment covered in a think smoke in just a few minutes. We had
alarms going off like crazy. So...I do the cooking pretty much always.
This week I made some super delicious gyoza. Sister Cortés took a
picture of me.
Everyone, your prayers are the best ever!! Thank you so much for
praying for Ueda san. I feel your strength every single day. She is
changing so much and others even at her work have told her so. I love
seeing people change for the good. Ueda shimai still has her baptismal
date for October 26. The member involvement with her has been
absolutely incredible. We have been able to go to members houses with
her for food and lessons twice this week. One of them was with the
usuis and nishis. I love that family. I call nishi shimai "mom." She
is excited to get baptized. She still feels a little lost and wonders
if she can do it. Please pray for her to not feel lost anymore.
I have been really worried about Megumi chan a lot this week. We all
need to be praying for her harder this week. I feel like Nephi when he
said, "For I pray continually for them by day, and mine eyes water my
pillow by night, because of them; and I cry unto my God in faith, and
I know that he will hear my cry."
We went on a blitz before transfers to Oyama to give the sisters some
help. I could not believe how many miracles we saw in just a short two
and a half hours. Sister Cortés and I didn't even really have to move.
Everyone just came to us to hear our message. We were able to give
them about 6 people, two of whom are going to be able to go to church
this next Sunday. I love helping the sisters in our zone!
It is definitely different in our apartment going from two to four
people. One of the sisters is having a really rough time. She doesn't
have the desire to go out and do missionary work and she actually
wants to go home. Please pray for her to find the strength to do the
Lords work.
I'm really excited to be working with our zone this transfer. Every
single missionary is so special to me. You can almost just look at
them and see halos above each of their heads. I love being a mission
leader because I get to serve those around me. In so doing, it has
also been a huge opportunity for me to become the person I know that
God wants me to be. Everyone in our zone is thrilled without 100
baptisms before Christmas goal. I was great to kneel down as a zone
and feel the same confirmation that I did at MLC that this is the
right goal. Also, I got to translate for our Christmas meeting with
our zone. I love love love translating. The Japanese missionaries I
translated for said I sound like I am Japanese. Good accent. Boy, am I
thankful for my ancestors help. I know they are with me here in Japan
helping with the work. I'm sure they help me with my Japanese too.
We have met a ton of Filipinos this week who have even provided us
with referrals. I love Filipinos. I wish like crazy that I could speak
their language.
P.S. Today for our dendou we visited one of our new investigators and
found out that 14 of them life in one house. Cha Ching. The speak
English and Japanese. We have another couple of appointments with them
this week. I am so excited.
I look forward to continuing the work of salvation this week. There
really is no greater calling! I have no other desire than to preach
the gospel all day, every day. I even do it when I'm sleeping!
Love, Sister Yamauchi

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